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tlaw0003. Need money to pay private courtroom interpretation @ZHOU (3 Judges) Tracking Page: tlaw0003

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tlaw0003 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方法庭)

Need money to pay private courtroom interpretation @ZHOU (3 Judges)

Begun 16 Aug 2021, PDF:

Court case number, 案號:110年度南簡字第1024

Application to provide ability (money) to receive courtroom translations after the Defendants required me to pay for courtroom interpretation


Defendant (Three): 1Judge 周宛瑩(ZHOU Wan-Ying)、2Judge 蕭雅毓(XIAO Ya-Yu)、3Judge 李俊彬(LEE Jun-Bin),

Relates to:

yuan0004, Disqualify Judges, PDF:

yuan0005, Ability to Verify Statements, PDF:

yuan0006, 13 July 2021 Missing Statements, PDF:

yuan0007, Dismiss Case, PDF:

tpro0010_draft, Crime Code 134+339-4


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Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution | |

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Zhou Pages: three criminal judges

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List of Pages:



01: 28 July 2021

Civil Lawsuit against three Taiwan Criminal Court Judges





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Upholding Freedom Of Religion in China:

Page 23. welcomes Taiwan Judges Zhou, Xiao, and Lee

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Three judges of the Taiuan District Court:

1周宛瑩(ZhouWan-Ying(in the picture, on the right, blue robe)

2蕭雅毓(XiaoYa-Yu(not pictured)

3李俊彬(LiJun-Bin(not pictured)


Tainan District Court (臺南地方法院)







Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution | |

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Page 22. Share my unwillingness to accept error. (T-1.III.1.)

Yuan Pages at

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A) Yuan Pages; B) Base Argument


 A) Yuan Pages

Motions and Appeals to any part of the Judicial Yuan, generally excludes civil lawsuits (TLAW Page 18) and Procuratorate (TPRO Page 12) filings


Local Tainan court Criminal retrial (grounds in motions 4 and 6)


High court Civil retrial motion


Motion contains missing statements from court hearing record of 13 July 2021



CC Web:


Motion to verify missing statements from court hearing record of 13 and 28 July 2021


(This is specifically the ability to get around the 7-day limit on adding missing statements because the court didn't provide a translation of the Chinese hearing statements.  I can't know what's missing until I know what's there.)


CC Web:


Taiwan Criminal Procedure Code Article 18 Motion to disqualify Judges



CC Web:


Make a tracking page to track the 16 July 2021 criminal investigation request.  Follow this one up.


CC Web:

If I don't get results from the investigation, I can do it again as a spin-off from motion number 6, in future courtroom hearings.


The purpose is to pursue the doctors about a mental assessment.  I'm not saying I'm ill.  I'm saying that they don't have a right to refuse me an assessment.

Note to self: submit CRCT0023 to court as YUAN0002, coming at the 16 July 2021 investigation request from the angle of having a lawful right to mental health (and therein a mental assessment to determine what "medications" they would think I need to achieve health).  Include the emails from 23 and 25 Jan 2018 evidencing believe of illness.

This is my note, while planning what to number the 30 July 2021 motions: "2: 13 July 2021 in court (31 may transcript, 5 aug 2015 trans, 9 july 2021 email 20 may 2017 audio recording)"

So, I'm telling myself to follow up, or embed:

The 13 July 2021 court hearing I'm pursuing in numbers 5 and 6.

The court received the 31 May 2021 recorded conversation with Jainan Psychiatric Center (衛生福利部嘉南療養院) Forensic Psychiatrist (司法精神醫師) Chun-Hung Lee (李俊宏) in 23 pages submitted during the court hearing on 13 July 2021.  The hearing record (Chinese-only) is in motions 4, 5, and 6.

The 5 Aug 2015 transcript made its way into ...

The 5 Aug 2015 note will also come up in Scott's lawsuit at

and in the retrial motion of the current criminal proceedings, motion 8

It was used in Criminal Court on 13 July 2021, originally submitted in the book The Choice on 25 Sept 2019.

The 9 July 2021 email is on the web at:

9 July 2021 PDF (submitted in Criminal Court on 13 July 2021) is in the Old Pages folder under KLSS0013:

The 20 May 2021 audio recording...

Criminal Court heard the recording on 13 July 2021. 

It was played in Civil Court the year before that. 

Also submitted on 29 April 2020 to Criminal Court, 10 April 2020 Civil Court, and in 2019 to the Prosecutors again in the Civil lawsuit (filed but not paid) against Judge Luo. 

Recently to the prosecutors on 23 July 2021.



Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) insisted on submitting a false translation to Criminal Court.  The statement is the only evidence prosecutors have to support the cram school's allegation of extortion.  Sounds ridiculous, but it happened, and Professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) knew it was false... she actually provided two different translations to the same court file.  Then she claimed that I didn't provide her with enough context, which is laughable since I'm the author of the original statement.

No page exists to track this one through Criminal court about the extortion allegation BUT the same PDF document was submitted to Prosecutors AND it also became a Civil Lawsuit AFTER the university insisted to keep the false translation.  If the Civil Court doesn't grant me the victory, I'll go after the judges.

Prosecutors, Page 12:

Lawsuit, Page 18:



There are several (multiple) filings and submissions to several Taiwan courts before this webpage existed to track them.  Of particular importance is the 29 April 2020 Defendant's submission to the Tainan District Criminal Court. 

29 April 2020 PDF:

29 April 2020 accompanying DVD folder:

There were even more submissions to Prosecutor offices.  In time, maybe the old stuff will get posted.  It's in 7 3-inch binders on a shelf beside me at the moment.  At least my wife and I started organizing it all.  Prosecutor filings are kept on Page 12:

I think I've finally uncovered a filing system that works for me, a hot web inside the web.


B) Base Argument

Upholding Freedom Of Religion in China:

Communist China believes "Country is your God".  China owns Taiwan. Taiwan is democratic.  Taiwan's Republic Of China Constitution allows freedom of religious belief.  According to Spirit, thinking cannot originate in a body.  That means a brain scan cannot determine mental health.  Yet Taiwan judges claim court-ordered assessments of mental health require assessment of physical health.  Do we have the right to believe in Spirit or not?  Watch as we uncover systemic corruption.  Share the news!


"Are you ready yet to help me save the world?" (ACIM C-2.9.)


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Freedom of Religion in China (Spirit is One in court)

Page 21. Appeal everything you believe gladly to God's Own Higher Court. (T-5.VI.10.)

Taiwan's Judicial Yuan (Yuan) for

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A) Relation; B) Company


 A) Relation | 關係

  • Kidsland cram school accuses Rene of "intimidation of money and other cases, in the Republic of China" according to line 4 of page 1 of the 13 July 2021 Criminal Court hearing record from the Tainan District Court case file 108年度易字第1170.
  • The rest is self-defence against the nonsense accusation of trying to extort money in order to STOP advertising this website.  Really--I want some of what they're smoking. 
  • The motions and such listed on page 22 are going to decimate the Tainan City courthouse.  That is: Light against Dark, which side will outshine the other?  Which side WANTS advertisement because LIGHT SHINES?  Those of us who live with the light! 

(There was a comment in A Course In Miracles about the wings of an eagle versus the wings of a sparrow... it's more like the wings of an airplane with limitless fuel versus the wings of a headless chicken.  Good luck corrupt judges.)


B) Company | 公司名稱

So, the Judicial Yuan is pretty much all of the courts in Taiwan.

The courts actually overlook the fact that Taiwan is legally called "Republic Of China" and follows the Republic Of China Constitution from 1947.

I mean, obviously they know they follow it, but the judges forget that the Constitution was co-authored by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Nationalist Party. 

The fact that the Constitution declared all of China a democratic country in 1947, and then the Chinese Nationalist Party refused to turn over ruling authority of the Republic Of China government to the Chinese Communist Party... in 1949... when the Communists literally won the Chinese Civil War against the Nationalists....  Allies of democracy call it a technicality.

The technicality looks like a grey area.  But it's actually quite decisive.

According to the history of the Republic Of China, witnessed by the U.S.A. ambassador to China on 10 Oct 1945, the People's Republic Of China legally governs the Judicial Yuan of Taiwan.

Therefore, the "company" we're talking about is about 1.4 billion people who all resent the fact that Taiwan told the United Nations that little Taiwan controls all of China (until 1971 when the United Nations finally clued into Taiwan's deception).

That's a lot of pissed off people to help me promulgate motions against judges and lawyers of Taiwan.

God's Court!  Yay!

Information of each court (addresses)

Joint service center (sample documents from the tab on the left)

Understanding the courts (FYI)

Constitutional Court: Petitions and Procedures for Interpretations

Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic Of China

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Taiwan pledged it)


YUAN Pages (Motions against judges and such):

Additional Civil Lawsuits at


"Are you ready yet to help me save the world?" (ACIM C-2.9.)


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Freedom of Religion in China (Spirit is One in court)

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Notes about Scott (林泓帆) (Scot List)

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Lawyer Scott Lin (Chinese: 林泓帆)


Argument about a Republic Of China Constitution Article 16 violation in Civil Court.

Filed 23 July 2021 in Tainan:




Generally ignored:












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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist of humorous order.


Welcoming LAF Lawyer Scott (林泓帆)

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Scot List:





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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist of humorous order.


This one paves the way to complete legal immunity in Taiwan, unless changes are made. Specifically, with a history of severe mental illness,...