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tpro0008. Criminal Code 296 and 339-4 Aggravated Fraud @KLSS (CEO+3 managers) Tracking Page: tpro0008

_tpro0008 | dated 10 Sept 2021, by Rene Helmerichs


tpro0008 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方檢察署)

Criminal Code 339-4 296 @KLSS

Begun 10 Sept

Procuratorate case number, 案號:

The Defendant is a large cram school in Tainan City.  The cram school deceives teachers, clients, and the government about teacher's teaching qualifications to maximize revenue from clients.  In the process, teacher's salaries are compromised and the public safety is put at risk.  This is actually a major case of fraud.  It conforms to the legal definition of "aggravated fraud" because at least three people are directly operating the business under false pretence.


Defendant (Four): 1CEO and Owner 林義德(LIN Yide)、2General Manager 江佩樺(CHIANG Clare)、3Teaching Dept. Manager 徐乙彤(XU Denise)、4ESL Prog. Manager 黃姿瑜(HUANG Stacy),

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