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tlaw0004. lack of Constitution Article 13 in mental assessments @CNPC @TPRO and Tracking Page: tlaw0004

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A lawsuit to end the 94-year Chinese Civil War

Taiwan is violating the Constitutional right to religious freedom, the freedom to believe thinking originates in an eternal part of Self.  The problem is that mainland China co-authored the Constitution.  That means, if Taiwan doesn't shape-up, this argument can be used in International Court by mainland China.  Either Taiwan gains its independence with the support of churches, or mainland China gets international democratic support after revealing Taiwan to be as communist as China.  We can help Taiwan IF we ensure the common Constitutional right of Religious Freedom.


tlaw0004 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方法庭) lack of Constitution Article 13 in mental assessments @CNPC @TPRO

Begun 6 Aug 2021, PDF:

Court case number, 案號:

Upholds Constitution Article 13, freedom of religious belief, in the face of Taiwan Ministry Of Health protocol requiring people to stop believing that an eternal source of mental health exists.


Defendant (Four): 1‧衛生福利部嘉南療養院(Taiwan MOHW)、2Dean 吳文正(WU Wenz-Heng),http://p15.rene.guru3‧臺南地方檢察署(Tainan Procuratorate)、4Tainan Attorney General 葉淑文(YE Shu-Wen,

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