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Page 1. "An unheard message will not save the world" ~A Course In Miracles saves Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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What would you do if...

You lived in a country that wasn't a country?

Would you...

choose the Red Army?

the greenish-Blue?

or cooperation with both?

Rene is a foreigner with...

a win-win to both sides:

China learns to make real gold.

(this site establishes the ability to do it)


Taiwan is the country that isn't a country.  And do you know why?  The answer will surprise you:

The Constitution of the Republic Of China governs Taiwan.

The Constitution began in 1947.  It declared:

1. All people of China and Taiwan are part of the same democratic country

2. The Republic Of China (R.O.C.) is the official government of that country

3. The country is commonly called "China"

4. The property rights of all people of China are protected.

Nobody in Taiwan (Blue Army) or China (Red Army) disputes the 1947 Constitution.  The dispute is only about the name of the official government.

The ruling party of the R.O.C. claimed that the government lawfully "relocated" to Taiwan in 1949.  But the people of China objected on the merits of democracy.

In 1971, the United Nations agreed that 1 million people in Taiwan did not outnumber the vote of 650 million people on the mainland, and so the "official" government changed from "Republic Of China" (R.O.C.) to "People's Republic Of China" (P.R.C.). 

And that brings us to our current problem:

1. Three generations of people grew up believing that Taiwan is separate from China. 

2. Taiwan's been steadily purchasing billions and billions of USD of military supplies to stop China from reclaiming Chinese property. 

3. The argument just keeps going round in circles.  Taiwan still claims the Chinese government relocated to Taiwan in 1949:


A Blue-Red War


 a waste of time on the path of global sustainability.


On 24 Aug 2021, Rene proposed a plan to the headquarters of the Judicial Yuan in Taiwan, that is, the highest court in Taiwan: the Constitutional Court. 

The purpose of the proposal is:

I. Request an explanation of the purpose of the constitution.  According to item 1 of Article 2-1 of the National Security Act《國家安全法》, to form an organization on behalf of the People's Republic Of China in Taiwan is unlawful.  There are doubts that violate Articles 1, 2, 3, 7, 137, and 141 of the Constitution, please explain. 

FYI: Item 1 of Article 2-1 of National Security Act stipulates "The people shall not perform the following acts for foreign countries, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, foreign hostile forces or their dispatched persons: 1. Initiate, fund, host, manipulate, direct or develop an organization."

The complete 24 Aug 2021 submission is filed under "yuan0008".  Here's the PDF:

A copy of the Constitution is available from the Laws and Regulations Database of Taiwan:


Rene proposes to begin an organization in Taiwan to uphold Constitution Article 13 (freedom to believe in Self) in China.

This website ( records the progress.


Since Taiwan allows the presence of multi-national religious organizations, and China does not, therefore, the people on mainland China actually have no freedom of religion.

The people of Taiwan can't win an international argument about ownership of Taiwan, but they CAN win an international argument about independence from China on Constitutional grounds to uphold the freedom of religious beliefs.

So, on the one hand, the population of mainland China agree to uphold everyone's right of religious belief, and, on the other hand, the people of Taiwan agree that Taiwan will always belong to China.  And that's not a bad thing either.

To get the project started, Rene is launching as a project to ensure that the Constitution Article 13 freedom of religion is never revoked from the people of Taiwan. 

The Taiwan government hasn't been completely honest.  Currently, in Taiwan, the government allows doctors not to give assessments of mental health to any patient that believes in God.  That's a very serious contravention of the Constitution.  And, without fixing that local problem first, Taiwan has no hope of becoming an officially independent nation from China, because China can begin International Proceedings against Taiwan (on grounds of serious Constitutional violations and major international deception in terms of Human Rights advocacy).

And that's where we are right now.

This is Page 1 of a story designed to help Taiwan uphold The Constitution Of The Republic Of China.  Any page can be updated at any time.


List Of Pages

*This is a work in progress (Red Pages are updated more often): Page 1: List Of Pages Page 7: Kidsland Sesame Street (KLSS) Page 8: KLSS Pages Page 9: Taiwan Legal Aid Foundation (TLAF) Page 10: Questions to LAF and TLAF Pages (see Page 20) Page 11: Taiwan's Procuratorate (TPRO) Page 12: TPRO Pages Page 13: Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) Page 14: CJCU Pages Page 15: Jianan Psychiatric Center (CNPC) Page 16: CNPC Pages Page 17: Taiwan Civil Lawsuits (TLAW) Page 18: TLAW Pages Page 19: TLAF Lawyer Scott Lin (SCOT) Page 20: SCOT Pages Page 21: Taiwan Judicial Yuan (Yuan) Page 22: YUAN Pages Page 23: Judges Zhou, Xiao, and Li (ZHOU) Page 24: ZHOU Pages


Book's Design

Any page can be updated at any time. 

Old pages are persevered in a folder linked at

This is Page0001.  Pages 2 through 6 are introductory (and probably could use a re-write).

Pages are dated upon publishing.  "Dated" means the pages contain their date of publication and "dates" means "out of date" the moment they are publish (because that's the eternal rule).

Starting on Page 7,

1. The ODD pages begin a new chapter with company information.

2. The EVEN pages list pages (subchapters) related TO the company.

For example lists basic information about the Judicial Yuan, the branch of Taiwan's government that governs the courts, all courts of law in Taiwan. lists separate subchapters related to the Judicial Yuan, like a mini table of contents, titled Yuan Pages.  Each sub-chapter tracks a specific individual submission or argument to the court in support of the global purpose of this story (to settle all religious disputes everywhere, and pave the way to peaceful cooperation worldwide).

Details of the courtroom arguments are found in the respective pages of the opposing party.  For example, KLSS Pages list subchapters containing information related to courtroom arguments involving Kidsland (凱仕蘭) school.  The related KLSS Pages are linked in the Yuan Pages to provide more details about something the Kidsland managers did or said in court.

As more companies become involved, main pages of this story are added, and the book grows and grows.

The most relevant pages are probably "tlaw" (Civil litigation), "tpro" (criminal investigations), and "yuan" (motions, etc., to all levels and kinds of Taiwan's court system).  The search box at the top, to search the blog, can help find related pages.


Book's Purpose | 本書的宗旨

The design supports the goal:

1. Call together a team to rebuild the international self-sustaining Miracle University (i.e. students get paid money, students don't need to pay money).

2. Unite the world under a common concept of "God" (i.e. reform Christian churches).

3. Win a Nobel Peace Prize in the process.





The purpose is to achieve a greater degree of consistency in the global legal system. 



"Are you ready yet to help me save the world?" (~A Course In Miracles, C-2.9)


Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution | |

End of page.

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