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Are you ready yet to help Me save the world? (C-2.9.)


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Eagle, Sun, and Heart

"How many teachers of God are needed to save the world?"

~A Course In Miracles, Manual For Teachers p.21


This Book is a new form of Scroll.  It's a holostory, a holographic choose-your-own adventure.

The idea of holography isn't new.  In fact, Schroedinger (winner of the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics) wrote a general summary about holography about a hundred years ago.  He called it something else, which a Chinese university proved to be true in 2015 using quantum teleportation of computer information.

Holostories are the movies of the future.  In them, we'll be able to interact with fictional characters to actively experience the story.  Rather than perceive a story to a predetermined outcome, a holostory allows participants to actively shape the story.  The purpose emphasizes a momentary experience in place of the pursuit of an imaginary outcome.

Obviously I'm delusional, since holostories don't yet exist, right?

Funny thing about that.  You're reading the world's first!  Although, I suspect we had one back in Babylon.  It was how the government got toppled.  Few would have believed that earlier, not recognizing the internet can fully blossom in a single generation.

This is really a story for everyone. 

That's what "talk to dream" means.  It means: talk TO your environment BECAUSE you are dreaming and retain the ability to alter the course of your dream.

The scale is just bigger than anything you probably ever imagined possible.  However, your unbelief doesn't matter since I understand.


1. Design

Pages 1 through 6 are introductory.

Starting on page 7, Page0007,

1. The ODD pages welcome a company.

2. The EVEN pages list separate arguments AT the company.

3. Then, separate pages detail each separate argument related TO the company. 

A company is any corporate entity.  Countries count, for example CanadaCanada was incorporated as a charitable entity under the English Monarchy in 1867.  Incidentally, Canadian law also defines an incorporated entity as a "person".

And, did you know, not only did Canada declare that all corporate entities are people, but the word "God" also exists in Canada's Constitution?

Our opinions about the word "God" don't matter because Canada already included the word as a legal term.  It's definition is implied as being the supreme authority over all parts of Canada, which, by direct extension, cover about a third of the earth since that's about as much as Canada's parent company, Britain Inc., technically controls.

I'm not saying "God" exists.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I claim to exist in a world that's always changing.  Because the world is always changing, the only thing I really know for sure is that none of it is absolutely real. 

Since heaven is a state of pure equality, a "top boss" can only exist in hell.  I surmise, therefore, that we're all unrecognizably in hell, and, in the absence of a guy in charge of screenwriting this horrible production, I'm going to jot a few things down and see if it can't be turned into a live-action theatrical performance.

For example, there probably is a one-world shadow government, with a single guy in charge of executive authority over which countries receive bailouts, etc, but he can't be publicly known, so it really doesn't matter if he exists or not.  If he stepped out of the shadow, worldwide democratic countries would demand an election, until the communists point out that COMMINTERN was the name of the idea behind the international organization currently called The United Nations. 

The only way is really to argue with everyone until everyone decides not to object to single person's choice to appoint himself into that position.  The only requirement is to stand up and say "I'm severely Delusional, and your worst psychiatric nightmare, because I'm going to prove that all of psychiatry is incorrect: thinking does not originate in a physical substance because we are Spirit."

The rest is really a legal argument about how delusional I really am.

And parts of this story are going to get quite ridiculous about that, until you realize that I'm being totally serious and not joking around.

With enough advertisement, I figure I should be able to become Prime Minister of Canada.  From there, it's just a simple request to become Canada's Governor General.  The Governor General of Canada is Canada's top boss when the king or queen of England isn't around.  In other words, the GG is Canada's acting King or Queen.

Anyone is welcome to join our cause in bringing about sustainable worldwide peace. 

Remember, there's no such thing as bad advertising.  Publicity only ensures a problem is solved consistently, FAIRLY and JUSTLY not "conveniently and quietly".

We're not here to waste time. 

Each "company" is given a four-letter shorthand.  Pages related to the company are listed after the page introducing the company.  At the bottom of each page, you should find "End of page" and then a link taking you back to this page,

For example, Page 7 introduces Kidsland Inc to this story.  On the page, you'll find details about it's legal entity, the specific legal name in China's province of Taiwan:

Then on Page 8, you can find a list of pages specific to Kidsland's part in this story.  Pages specific to Kidsland are tagged "KLSS" (because the company is known as Kidsland Sesame Street):

If you're unsure of a filename family, look up at the top of the page, beside the most recent "updated" date, to the left, beginning with an underscore, "_".  At the top of this page, you'll see "_page0001", that means it's a main page (because you see the word "page").  If it were a Kidsland page, you'd see "_klss" instead of "_page".

The filename family keeps related pages organized in a single-folder.  A list of previous versions of pages is available from a link at

Everything is intimately related.  That's what "always changing environment" means.  The point of this story is simply to reveal the law of constancy.  Namely,

The Law Of Constancy

Everything not mutually exclusive must ultimately support the same purpose and the same goal.  As long as the goal is true, all of life itself must support the individual willing to achieve that goal.

In this case, my personal goal is actually only to settle a tiny little dispute that began in 2012, about the right of a Christian church to say "We forbid you to contact us again" after I advised the church not to continue to deceive the public.  (The church paid ministers to tell people that the bible says people need to give 10% of their salary to the church.  The bible really doesn't say that anywhere.  The church is misquoting Deuteronomy 14:22-28.)

If you're confused about the design, don't worry about it.  If you see your name in our pages, you're marked.  Join our side, or become fodder to fuel our fire.  That's the basic choice, since we're heading toward the same everlasting goal.

Worldwide peace isn't an option, it's The Goal. 

We acknowledge the following statement applies to everyone equally, including ourselves:

Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which WE remembered not to laugh.... In gentle laughter DO WE perceive the cause, and look not to its effects.  How else could WE correct your error, you who have overlooked the cause entirely?" (T-27.VIII)

References, and especially the titles of main pages, cite the book A Course In Miracles.  We strongly recommend you to seek out the exact quote to understand the entire meaning.  I extend my personal copy to you that you can see the book the way I see it:

A Course In Miracles is available from

A brief history of this story from 2012 to 2019 is available in a 666-page PDF document at


2. Chapters

Are you ready yet to help Me save the world? (C-2.9.): Main Page

This is a course in miracles. (T-in.1.): About the book

Oneness and sickness cannot coexist. (M-12.6.): A Dynamic Story Heals

The Plan Of The Teachers (M-1.2.10): Build a University

A period of sorting out (M-4.I.A.4.): Poking The Bear

中文嵌入, Chinese embedded

Physical medications are forms of "spells," but... (T-2.V.2.): About Rene's Schizophrenia

中文嵌入, Chinese embedded

Perfect love casts out fear. (T-1.VI.5.): Introducing Kidsland Sesame Street

The Question of Payment (P-3.III.): Criminal Fraud at Kidsland (KLSS Pages)

I see myself as failing. (W-35.6.): Welcoming Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation

How is peace possible in this world? (M-11.): Questions to Taiwan's LAF (TLAF Pages)

In union, everything that is not real must disappear, for truth is union. (T-14.VII.1.): Welcoming Taiwan's Procuratorate

Illusions are untrue. (S-2.III.4.): Arguments to Taiwan's Procuracy (TPRO Pages)

The Holy Spirit is the Translator.... (T-7.II.4.): Welcome Chang Jung Christian University

To be egocentric is to be dis-spirited ( Egocentricity at Chang Jung (CJCU Pages)

中文嵌入, Chinese embedded

Healing is of the mind (心靈) (P-2.I.1.): Introducing Jianan Psychiatric Center

He who needs healing must heal. (P-2.VII.1.): Psychiatrist, heal thyself. (CNPC Pages)

The Golden Rule is the rule for appropriate behavior. (T-1.III.6.)

Introducing Taiwan's Criminal Court System

Arguments of Criminal Court (CRCT Pages)


3. Now

Remember the goal: to build a university:

I'll try to add a new company every month, on the first of the month, to preserve the original (April 2012) intention of starting the Talk2Dream New Goal Charity, in likeness to the Australian Movember Charity which used an entire month.  We'd renew our New Year's dedications on the monthly firsts, and add a measure of consistency to our thinking.

I'm willing to let everything go if the people accusing me are willing to work exclusively without harming anyone's reputation, and absolutely willing to help me restore my Canadian reputation described in the book "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: a course in miracles for worldwide peace" at

We can't understand that we all implicitly share one mind.

All we really know is that Honesty MEANS consistency.

Next page 2: About The Book A Course In Miracles


Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.

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