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Are you ready yet to help me save the world? (C-2.9.)

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A long, long time ago, in a country far, far away...


Episode Taiwan

Our Hero Rene is locked in a battle of religious freedom in the Republic Of China, aka Taiwan

A large cram school agreed to help Rene united the churches.  But the school deceived Rene.  The school didn't want its clients to learn about this story.

Outlining communist ideals God doesn't exist, Ministry Of Justice representatives accuse Rene of refusing a mental assessment on 31 May 2021.

Rene advocates religious freedom, the right to believe in Spirit.  The idea of Spirit means that thinking does not originate in a physical body. 

Republic Ministry Of Health officials insist a physical examination is necessary to complete a court-requested assessment of mental health.  The Religion of Psychiatry insists thinking originates in the body, and, therefore, that Spirit does not exist.

Rene challenges three Tainan District Criminal Court judges who are violating the sacred Republic Of China Constitution FREEDOM OF RELIGION, article 13.

He is armed with a letter proving the Republic Ministry Of Health violates Constitution:

Will the judges investigate the Constitutional violation?

Does Rene have the right to believe in Spirit?

Or, will doctors again force Rene to pay the religious tax and swallow "feel happy" medicine?

Stay tuned, as we update the pages of this book.

The woman in the picture began the story.  She was Treasurer of the Barrie congregation of the Mormon Communicate Of Christ.  She lied about Rene in 2012, causing a cascade of events.  Psychiatrists accuse Rene of being God.

Rene is not God. 

But, as Rene says, "Keep telling everyone there is no God.  Let's answer that question first."

Because the universe is always (always means exists after time ends) changing, we can be certain of only one thing: a state of constancy must exist to sustain every changing reality.  That is, all consistent parts of this story must support each other.  All parts are intricately related.

From the Law Of Constancy, talk2dream means:

Talk TO your dream, because the objects around you are all part of one unlimited eternal mind.  Although you don't recognize it, you share an eternal mind with everyone around you.  Be happy because your mind is already eternal!  You don't need a special bath and you certainly don't need to read A Course In Miracles!  YOUR THINKING comes from something eternal, not your body.  As you question your religious beliefs, your thinking process becomes more consist.  As your thinking process becomes more consistent, your actions in the world must demonstrate your religious point of view.  You will accidentally expose corruption wherever you go, because people will insist that you are not an equal part of a commonly-shared eternal mind.  Live up to your highest potential, talk2dream.

The Law Of Constancy states:

Everything not mutually exclusive supports the same purpose and the same goal, which is internationally recognized in the phrase "transparent sustainability".

If Rene doesn't have harmful thinking, spiritual forces (our eternal mind) must continue to help Rene.  In that way, this book proves thinking does not originate in the body.


1. Design

This is Page0001.  Pages 2 through 6 are introductory.

Starting on Page 7,

1. The ODD pages begin a new chapter with company information.

2. The EVEN pages list pages related TO the company.

For example lists basic contact information of Jianan Psychiatric Center (CNPC). lists separate sub-chapters related to Jianan, the CNPC Pages.

The Republic Of China Ministry Of Health operates Jianan Psychiatric Center

If the three judges of a related Criminal Court matter do not investigate the Constitutional violation that occurred on 31 May 2021, then Rene will begin litigation. 

Litigation means "an argument in court".  Court arguments can be a Civil Court lawsuit, Criminal Proceedings, investigation requests of Criminal Court, a Constitutional petition, anything.

The purpose is not to destroy the credibility of the Republic Of China. 

The purpose is to achieve a greater degree of consistency in the global legal system. 

The list of related litigation is on Page 18.

To preserve the integrity of the Taiwan legal system, sub-pages of the Prosecutor Pages ( and Taiwan Court Arguments ( only track arguments at other companies.  Details of the arguments are at the respective company pages.

Titles of main pages reference the book A Course In Miracles. 

The goal is to build a university to graduate official teachers of A Course In Miracles.  The design is not religious.  The goal is only to restore worldwide awareness that thinking does not originate in a body, and, therefore, that forgiveness restores awareness of universal peace. 

Forgiveness does NOT mean "accept a harmful situation because you cannot change it". 

True forgiveness means "Your Spirit is trying to help you stop all harmful situations from happening, so don't accept any nonsense." is massive in scope.  A by product is a pledge to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Rene extends his personal copy of A Course In Miracles, should you want to look up a quote

A Course In Miracles is available from

A brief history of this story from 2012 to 2019 is available in a 666-page PDF document at



2. Chapters Main Page About the book A Course In Miracles A Dynamic Story Heals The Plan is to Build a University Poking The Bear About Rene's Schizophrenia Kidsland Sesame Street (KLSS) KLSS Pages Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation (TLAF) Questions to Taiwan's LAF (LAFQ List and TLAF Pages) Taiwan's Procuratorate (TPRO) Arguments to Prosecutors (TPRO Pages) Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) CJCU Pages Jianan Psychiatric Center (CNPC) CNPC Pages Taiwan's Court System (TLAW) Taiwan Litigation List (TLAW Pages) Lawyer Scott Lin (SCOT) SCOT Pages

Any page can be updated at any time. 

The book, like life, is always changing.  For that reason, old copies of pages are persevered in a folder linked at

Pages 21 and 22 might be dedicated to the three judges if they do not allow a Constitutional investigation of the 16 July 2021 letter.  Remember, all futures exist, so prophesy is technically impossible.  However, probability exists within a changing reality, and a "most probably" outcome can be "foreseen".  Memory isn't limited to past events, and the past can be changed as easily as the future.  The only absolute reality is a real-time eternal mindset.

If the Taiwan Republic Of China government is not careful, the contents of this book can be used in international court to help the People's Republic Of China restore order in Taiwan.  Ownership of Taiwan (which lawfully belongs to the people of China) is described on Page 5 at



Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.

End of Page 1.  A comment BELOW should reach me:

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