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Page 21. Appeal everything you believe gladly to God's Own Higher Court. (T-5.VI.10.)

Taiwan's Judicial Yuan (Yuan) for

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A) Relation; B) Company


 A) Relation | 關係

  • Kidsland cram school accuses Rene of "intimidation of money and other cases, in the Republic of China" according to line 4 of page 1 of the 13 July 2021 Criminal Court hearing record from the Tainan District Court case file 108年度易字第1170.
  • The rest is self-defence against the nonsense accusation of trying to extort money in order to STOP advertising this website.  Really--I want some of what they're smoking. 
  • The motions and such listed on page 22 are going to decimate the Tainan City courthouse.  That is: Light against Dark, which side will outshine the other?  Which side WANTS advertisement because LIGHT SHINES?  Those of us who live with the light! 

(There was a comment in A Course In Miracles about the wings of an eagle versus the wings of a sparrow... it's more like the wings of an airplane with limitless fuel versus the wings of a headless chicken.  Good luck corrupt judges.)


B) Company | 公司名稱

So, the Judicial Yuan is pretty much all of the courts in Taiwan.

The courts actually overlook the fact that Taiwan is legally called "Republic Of China" and follows the Republic Of China Constitution from 1947.

I mean, obviously they know they follow it, but the judges forget that the Constitution was co-authored by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Nationalist Party. 

The fact that the Constitution declared all of China a democratic country in 1947, and then the Chinese Nationalist Party refused to turn over ruling authority of the Republic Of China government to the Chinese Communist Party... in 1949... when the Communists literally won the Chinese Civil War against the Nationalists....  Allies of democracy call it a technicality.

The technicality looks like a grey area.  But it's actually quite decisive.

According to the history of the Republic Of China, witnessed by the U.S.A. ambassador to China on 10 Oct 1945, the People's Republic Of China legally governs the Judicial Yuan of Taiwan.

Therefore, the "company" we're talking about is about 1.4 billion people who all resent the fact that Taiwan told the United Nations that little Taiwan controls all of China (until 1971 when the United Nations finally clued into Taiwan's deception).

That's a lot of pissed off people to help me promulgate motions against judges and lawyers of Taiwan.

God's Court!  Yay!

Information of each court (addresses)

Joint service center (sample documents from the tab on the left)

Understanding the courts (FYI)

Constitutional Court: Petitions and Procedures for Interpretations

Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic Of China

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Taiwan pledged it)


YUAN Pages (Motions against judges and such):

Additional Civil Lawsuits at


"Are you ready yet to help me save the world?" (ACIM C-2.9.)


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Freedom of Religion in China (Spirit is One in court)

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