Tuesday, January 18, 2022


PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ui0_P-Pp8cYYsjW2mmhZkn309To_Z7Kk/view?usp=sharing


My submission to Taiwan's High Court system at Tainan City today, 18 Jan 2022.


The second appearance happened on 9 Jan 2022.  Apparently that was pre-trial.  We're still working out when and where the assessment of mental health will happen. 

At the first appearance on 9 Nov 2021, in High Court (after the lower court verdict on 24 Aug 2021), the judge said she wasn't qualified to speak to mental health assessment criteria, that I should speak with a psychiatrist about that.  We agreed to send me back to the hospital which declined to make the assessment on 31 May 2021.

On 31 May 2021, the doctor said I didn't cooperate because I refused to do a brain scan.  However, he also said that the brain scan is necessary because the mental condition doesn't exist independently of the physical condition.  I am challenging the common psychiatric assumption.  I'm directly asserting that an individual's self-awareness (the ability to make free will choices) exists after death of the physical body.  And, legally, the doctors must allow psychiatric patients to retain the right to believe that the mental condition exists independently from the physical body because that's what the constitutional freedom of religious believe is all about.  Doctors can't take away someone's right to believe that their minds are part of an eternal mind, that their minds exists eternally with or without a temporary physical body.

So, we're still waiting on a date to have a mental assessment.

I'm going to ask the psychiatrist on what grounds the psychiatrist can assess me after the last doctor told me that a brain scan is obligatory (and the constitution allows me to refuse to conduct the brain scan).

I'm pretty sure that psychiatrist is going to refuse to assess me after the psychiatrist learns that everything the doctor writes about me is going online.

So, in preparation of another criminal trial, without a mental assessment, in a country that isn't really a country because the Constitution of the Republic Of China (i.e. Taiwan) actually belongs to the people of China (because the Constitution was signed in China in 1947 to protect the rights of all Chinese people)... I'm asking to have two Defence witnesses and three Prosecutor witnesses subpoenaed. 

In the above-linked document, I included the laws I'll be using at the trial, and a summary of what happened at the first trial (or absolute lack of a trial, as it actually happened).  That way I can go after the first three judges later if the trial flops again.

The story continues.

To be continued.


This one paves the way to complete legal immunity in Taiwan, unless changes are made. Specifically, with a history of severe mental illness,...