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tlaw0006. Retrial of wrongful employment contract termination @KLSS Tracking Page: tlaw0006

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tlaw0006 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方法庭)

Retrial of wrongful employment contract termination @KLSS

Begun 13 Aug 2021, PDF:

Court case number, 案號:

Upholds Constitution Article 13, freedom of religious belief, because Taiwan's Ministry Of Health illegally requires patients to stop believing in God


Defendant (Two): 1‧人上人文化事業股份有限公司(VIP Education Ltd.)、2Owner 林義德(LIN Yide),

Relates to:

tpro0004, Crime Code 294 Abandonment:

tpro0005, Crime Code 169 False Accusations:

tpro0001, Crime Code 168 Perjury:

tlaw0005, Criminal Retrial:


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