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tpro0003. Criminal Code 294 Abandonment @ZHOU (3 judges) @CNPC (1 psychiatrist) Tracking Page: tpro0003

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tpro0003 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方檢察署)

Criminal Code 294 Abandonment @ZHOU @CNPC

Begun 16 Aug 2021, PDF:

Procuratorate case number, 案號:

About: The Defendant (three judges and a psychiatrist) had a legal contract to assist a "Severe Patient" (「嚴重病人」) (me), but they did not provide assistance necessary for the patient's survival.  That is, I'm a "Severe Patient" according to Item 4 of Article 3 of the Mental Health Act 《精神衛生法》.  The Defendant did not allow me to have an assessment of mental health and thereby causing me to remain depended on my wife (because nine psychiatrists previously asserted that the patient cannot function independently without medication).  This constitutes an offence of Criminal Code Article 294, Criminal Abandonment, because the Defendant had a duty to support a helpless person.

Flipside: The Defendant had a legal contract to help me uphold the law, but they did not help me to ensure that the Constitution Article 13 right of religious freedom is upheld during the mental assessment.  In the first case it was abandonment, in the second it is fraud.  I'll submit an investigation of aggravated fraud in the near future.


Defendant (Four): 1Judge 周宛瑩(ZHOU Wan-Ying)、2Judge 蕭雅毓(XIAO Ya-Yu)、3Judge 李俊彬(LEE Jun-Bin),http://p23.rene.guru4Psychiatrist 李俊宏(LEE Chun-Hung),

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