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Page 13. "Devotion to a brother cannot set you back" ~A Course In Miracles

Page 13. "Devotion to a brother cannot set you back" ~A Course In Miracles and Taiwan Tainan City's CJCU

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Chat about Miracle University:


Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學)


Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) is a university in Tainan City, Taiwan.  It entered the story when the Tainan City Prosecutor's Office asked the Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) in English to translate several emails from me to Kidsland (凱仕蘭) cram school.


For whatever reason, professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) did the translating.

I insist that Sally Wu (吳宜錚) didn't do her job very well.  In fact, I asked Tainan City prosecutors to investigate Sally Wu (吳宜錚) with regards to intentional perjury, since she really should have known better.  She's given several courses and workshops about translation ethics with regard to legal proceedings. 

Find Sally's portfolio and proof that she should have known better at:





That's all ancient history at this point, and it's only September 1st, upcoming!

在這一點上,這都是古老的歷史,而且只有 9 1 日,即將到來!

The title of the biblical ("epic" wasn't "Big" enough) book of life is "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy" (reference the title first mentioned in an email to Cindy Lora Renard on 20 July 2012, or the ensuing book at

生命之書的書名是“幸福生意中爭論中的選擇”(參考 2012 7 20 日給 Cindy Lora Renard 的電子郵件中首次提到的標題,或隨後在http://2019.talk2dream.com上的書)

And so The Choice is: Do we partner in a project to build a university in Canada, to support our common faith in an eternal existence, OR, well, today I filed a criminal investigation of Aggravated Fraud against the entire Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系). 


Here is the list of Defendants:


長榮大學_翻譯學系_聯絡人:陳凱惠女士= CJCU_Trans-Dept_contact

1陳凱惠CHEN Kai-Hui),管理師



2、李泳龍(LEE Yung-LungAlex),管理師


3、藍月素(LAN Yu-Su),管理師、老師


4、吳宜錚(WU Yi-ChengSally),老師


5、董大暉(DONG Da-Hui),老師


6、熊彬杉(HSIUNG Pin-Shan),老師


7、李盈瑩(LEE Ying-Ying),老師


8、陳孟琳(CHEN Meng-Lin),老師


9、劉康怡(LIU Kang-Yi),老師


10LEE Marsh Steven(馬強),老師


11、高煥麗(KAO Huan-Li),老師


12、陳亮秀(CHEN Liang-Hsiu),老師


13、陳采體(CHEN Tsai-Ti),老師


14、邱東龍(CHIU Dong-LungAndrew),老師



Right, ok, so that's going to get some attention.  Anyway, the PDF file of the proceedings is available from the tracking page.  The tracking page is where I post updates about how the proceedings are progressing.  In other words, anything I get or share with the Tainan District Prosecutors about this case, gets posted on the Tracking Page:

好的,好的,所以這會引起一些注意。無論如何,程序的 PDF 文件可從跟踪頁面獲得。跟踪頁面是我發布有關訴訟進展情況的更新的地方。換句話說,我收到或與台南地區檢察官分享的有關此案的任何信息,都會發佈在跟踪頁面上:

The funny thing is, while I am typing this now, and I will post this in a moment to , the Tracking Page doesn't exist yet.  That should thoroughly answer the question "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?"  The answer is... "Neither, because both are technically not real.  Real means eternal, since eternity exists.  And, because eternity exists (i.e., the world is always changing, which should prove that eternity exists, except no one will believe that a proof of God could be so simple), and I know that I am in an eternal state of ever-changing Hell right now, but you don't know, therefore, I'm relatively smarter than all of you are.  (That means that I will work "miracles" while you have no idea how I do it.)

有趣的是,當我現在正在輸入此內容時,我稍後會將其發佈到 ,但跟踪頁面尚不存在。這應該徹底回答“先有雞還是先有蛋?”的問題。答案是……“都不是,因為兩者在技術上都不真實。真實意味著永恆,因為永恆存在。而且,因為永恆存在(即世界總是在變化,這應該證明永恆存在,除非沒有人會相信證明上帝可能如此簡單),我知道我現在處於不斷變化的地獄的永恆狀態,但你們不知道,因此,我比你們所有人都相對聰明。(這意味著我會創造“奇蹟”,而你不知道我是怎麼做到的。)

So here's what's going to happen, because it's the inevitable outcome of this story:

This university is going to insist that I wanted to extort $1600 USD from a cram school in order to stop advertising this story (that's impossible, but that's the argument this University presented to the Tainan District Criminal Court on 8 July 2021, reference letter inside the 31 Aug 2021 PDF "tpro000").



In the stupidest case (aka the "worst" case, except there is no "bad", only really, really STUPID), the prosecutors decide not to continue with the investigation of aggravated fraud.  That then allows me to file criminal proceedings directly against the prosecutors, in addition to a Civil Lawsuit, and an appeal to proceed with the investigation anyway.


Thereafter, if the government of Taiwan really doesn't want to allow me to move forward (that is, the government of Taiwan insists that doctors are allowed to contravene Article 13 of the Constitution, because doctors didn't allow me to have an assessment of mental health on 31 May 2021, because the doctor insisted that I have to have a brain scan, which means I'm not allowed to believe in God or the Devil, or that I am eternally joined with both of those, because eternity is singular...) ...


Then I continue to defy all common logic, promote my international religious organization despite whatever anyone else says, and help China to win total authority over Taiwan in international court... all by myself, without anyone's help, so no one can say that I'm part of some secret organization or something.


In the alternative, all futures do exist, and we really do have free will, so I'm might just have to begin a second round of aggravated Criminal Fraud proceedings against the outrageously Christian money laundering service called "Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學)".

或者,所有的未來都存在,我們確實有自由意志,所以我可能只需要對名為《Chang Jung Christian University「長榮大學」》的基督教洗錢機構展開第二輪加重刑事欺詐訴訟。

I guess I should count myself lucky that I already happen to have a file with all of the names of the future defendants of aggravated Criminal Fraud (namely, taking tuition payments from students who believe they are attending a university dedicated to remaining a Christian university) in a handy cut-and-paste format:


1、楊四海(Yang‧Si-Hai(age 86),董事長(Chairman of the board

2、黃仁村(Huang‧Ren-Cun(over 30? in 1962),董事(director

3、郭人鳳(Guo‧Jen-Feng)董事director (candy or jen)

成功大學名譽教授Honorary Professor of Chenggong University





台南企業股份有限公司董事長Chairman of Tainan Enterprise Co., Ltd.


陸裕興業股份有限公司董事長Chairman of Luyu Industrial Co., Ltd.


總統府原住民族歷史正義與轉型正義委員會委員Member of the Aboriginal Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee of the Presidential Palace


長穎農業開發股份有限公司董事長Chairman of Changying Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

台灣蘭科植物園董事長Chairman of Taiwan Orchid Botanical Garden


台南應用科技大學助理教授Assistant Professor, Tainan University of Applied Sciences

活石藝術空間藝術總監Artistic Director of Living Rock Art Space


成功大學教授Professor of Chenggong University

可成科技公司獨立董事Independent Director of Catcher Technology


長榮女中校長Principal of Evergreen Girls' High School


長榮大學教授Professor of Evergreen University


內政部政務次長Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior


長榮女中董事Director of Evergreen Girls' Middle School


長榮大學監察人Evergreen University Supervisor


聖馬爾定醫院血液腫瘤科主任及癌症管理中心主任Director of the Department of Hematology and Oncology and Director of the Cancer Management Center of St. Martin's Hospital

19、柯順耀(Ko Shun-Yao)教授

I'm not quite finished sorting that list yet.  I'll continue if these idiots want to keep arguing with me over the fact that we really do share a common God, and really common sentience.  If they can't believe it, why should I let that become my problem?  My job is only to remind them of THEIR faith.


"I pledge allegiance to the flag, that the Republic Of China did authorize when the communists wrote the Constitution in 1946.  Thereafter, it was changed, but Taiwan refused, and so we argue about our allegiances.  I pledge allegiance to whatever it is you believe, just so that you'll stop arguing with me, and, that way I'll also always win in court against you."



Page 14:


Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution | |

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