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news0001. Taiwan deceives the world | 臺灣欺騙世界 saves Taiwan's International Fraud

_news0001 | updated 22 Aug 2022, by Rene Helmerichs with Google Translate

NOTE = the international Miracle University (a work in progress) = the work to restore Constitutional freedoms in Taiwan.

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Nationwide, Taiwan's Ministry of Health violates Republic Of China Constitution Article 13, the right to religiously believe in a non-physical aspect of self, a reincarnated mind.  (The Chinese characters representing "mind" are "心靈").  This is problem, because the Communist government requires people to believe "country is God" but publicly Taiwan declares it's a democratic nation and a leader of international Human Rights. 


Publicly, the Taiwan government doesn't admit to being communist.  However, as the judges in courts of law proved in the case of one foreigner, Rene Helmerichs, what the government publicly advertises and privately does are two very different things:



You are hearing it here first.  This is an original post.  I did the research, without prompting, without support, and absolutely without help (except from Google Translate, thanks Google!).



1. Taiwan deceives the world | 臺灣欺騙世界

For the past 72 years, the Taiwan government fraudulently claims the government of China relocated to Taiwan in 1949 (China year 38).


Taiwan's deception is the cause of serious resentment from the people of China.  This is an international call to end the argument before it escalates into war.



2. Screencast 7 Aug 2021 | 截屏

A video from Taiwan government's own website on 7 Aug 2021 (China year 110) digs up forgotten history:



3. Video doesn't show | 視頻沒有顯示

Two history facts are implied, and not disputed:


1) In 1945 (China year 34), there was only one government of China, and that government was called the "Republic Of China". 


2) The goal since 1912 (Year "1" of the Republic Of China government, in Taiwan and on the mainland) was to make the Chinese government a democratic government.



4. Video shows | 視頻顯示

3) In 1945 (China year 34), Taiwan became a province of China again (China gave Taiwan to Japan in 1895 until 1945).


4) On 1 Jan 1947 (China year 36), the democratic Republic Of China (R.O.C.) Constitution began.


5) In December 1949 (China year 38), the Republic Of China government "relocated" to Taiwan.


6) On 25 Oct 1971, the United Nations had to officially tell Taiwan: "You're not the government of China".  (Countries can apply to the United Nations to receive designation as a "States Party", meaning, among other things, the country respects a universal everywhere-consistent concept of honesty).



5. Present Day | 今天

Taiwan refuses to acknowledge that Taiwan's "Republic Of China" Constitution was written by the people of China, for the people of China


Instead, the current Taiwan government purchased 13 billion USD of military supplies during the Trump Administration (2017 to 2021) to complete the theft of the island from the mainland China, with support of international democratic countries of course. 


This'll turn into World War III unless we work together to unravel the twisted plot of high-seated warmongers.



6. Understanding the problem | 了解問題

The problem isn't dedication.  The problem is understanding.


The introduction and first three articles of the Constitution of The Republic Of China proves that the people of China retain ownership over the island of Taiwan, since the people received the island, in 1945 (China year 34), as a united country of China. 



7. China constitutionally owns Taiwan | 中國根據憲法擁有臺灣

(中文原文 | Original in Chinese)


英語 (Chinese):

公布日期:民國360101日,Announced Date: 1947-01-01

法規類別:憲法,Category: Office of the President(總統府)

法規名稱:中華民國憲法,Title: Constitution of the Republic of China (Taiwan)





















(Official English translation | 官方英文翻譯)

The following was retrieved on 21 Aug 2021 from the Taiwan government's "Laws and Regulations Database of the Republic Of China":

English (英語):

Announced Date: 1947-01-01

Category: Office of the President(總統府)

Title: Constitution of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

The National Assembly of the Republic of China, by virtue of the mandate received from the whole body of citizens, in accordance with the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in founding the Republic of China, and in order to consolidate the authority of the State, safeguard the rights of the people, ensure social tranquility, and promote the welfare of the people, does hereby establish this Constitution, to be promulgated throughout the country for faithful and perpetual observance by all.

Chapter I. General Provisions

Article 1

The Republic of China, founded on the Three Principles of the People, shall be a democratic republic of the people, to be governed by the people and for the people.

Article 2

The sovereignty of the Republic of China shall reside in the whole body of citizens.

Article 3

Persons possessing the nationality of the Republic of China shall be citizens of the Republic of China.

Chapter XIII. Fundamental National Policies

Section 1. National Defense

Article 137

The national defense of the Republic of China shall have as its objective the safeguarding of national security and the preservation of world peace.

The organization of national defense shall be prescribed by law.

Section 2. Foreign Policy

Article 141

The foreign policy of the Republic of China shall, in a spirit of independence and initiative and on the basis of the principles of equality and reciprocity, cultivate good-neighborliness with other nations, and respect treaties and the Charter of the United Nations, in order to protect the rights and interests of Chinese citizens residing abroad, promote international cooperation, advance international justice and ensure world peace.

Section 3. National Economy

Article 143

FYI: You should know the rules where you live.  If the government of Taiwan needs you to move so that it can build a better train system or something in Taiwan, then you have to sell your house to the government at the fair market value, which the government decides.  There's no arguing.  It's in Constitution Article 143.


8. Honesty as Consistency

The website at calls on United Nations States Parties to end the War over Taiwan



"Are You ready yet to help me save the world?" (~A Course In Miracles, C-2.9)


Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution

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