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Criminal Perjury at CJCU (長榮大學) update 18 July 2021

"Birds of a feather flock together."

_cjcu0003 | dated 18 July 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

CJCU List at:


Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學)

Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系)

Professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚)

This one made me laugh.  Thanks for the laugh Sally.

As the picture shows, Sally is confused. 

Sally is accusing me of threats and blackmail (literally extortion) based on an incorrect Chine translation.  I used the English expression "buys me" in a sentence describing the relatively cheap cost of photo copies in Taiwan.

First, an English cram school mistranslates my statement.

My statement was "10USD buys me 1000 fliers".  The cram school claims I wrote "Pay me 10,000 USD to buy fliers from me."

This actually went into criminal court in Taiwan.  I had the first day of trial last week on 13 July 2021.  The prosecutor was interrogating the general manager of the cram school.  The general manager explained how fearful the statement made her.

Now, I did demand a second opinion about that statement.

My first criminal court appearance was on 25 Sept 2019.  I submitted a grammatical proof to the court on 29 April 2020.  I mean, I'm an English teacher after all.

Finally in December 2020, the court receives a second opinion.  The second opinion was from a university in Tainan City, Taiwan, called Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) or CJCU.  Apparently they have a Department of Translation Studies there, which is supposed to be quite repeatable.

On 9 Dec 2020, Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) sent a letter to the court saying means "buy from me 1000 fliers for 10 USD". 

Remember, I'd written "I can buy 1000 fliers at the photocopy store for just 10USD", except I'd said only "10USD buys 1000 fliers", "buys me" since I'm the one paying the money to buy the fliers.

My Legal Aid lawyer told me about the CJCU translation in January 2021.  I complained to my Legal Aid lawyer that the university translation is wrong.  My lawyer did nothing.

Well, that's over-statement.  He did do something.  He contacted his friend in Florida and asked if I was correct that the translation is wrong.  He said his friend agreed with me.  And THEN the lawyer did nothing.

We had a pretrial on 25 March 2021.  My wife and I visited the lawyer's office on 20 March 2021.  My wife rarely gets really excited about something.  But about this, she was livid.  She was screaming in the house "How can they translate the statement like that?!  Are they translators or now?!"

Now, my wife is Taiwanese.  She didn't go to school to learn English.  She's just been practicing it with me for years and years.  And we talk about everything.  She knows me inside and out.  If she agrees that my statement doesn't mean what the translators say it means, then she can also explain why.

I was beside myself in June when I got the notice to attend the criminal trial on 13 July 2021. 

My wife suggested I get a third opinion about the translation.  She said she was willing to pay for it. 

Then I found an email address of the CJCU contact in the court letter from 9 Dec 2021.  I emailed Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠), the Assistant Manager (助理管理師) of the Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系).

On 21 June 2021, I offered a contract to CJCU.  I requested CJCU's translation services.

Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) provided my information to professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚).  Sally Wu (吳宜錚) emailed me that afternoon.

The following day, Sally Wu (吳宜錚) clarified everything.  Sally Wu (吳宜錚) said that my statement "10USD buys 1000 fliers" means "10USD allows me to buy 1000 fliers".


Sally Wu (吳宜錚) confirmed that my statement doesn't mean what the cram school claims, nor what CJCU claimed in December 2020.

So I went back to Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) and asked her who the original translator was.  Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) replied, "Sally Wu (吳宜錚) was the translator in December".

I wasn't sure if Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) understood my question.  So I asked again.

The second time I asked, Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) answered "Yeah, it was Sally.  She finished in January."

So, I asked Sally Wu (吳宜錚) if she can kindly inform the court of her fuck-up so that I don't wind up with being wrongfully convicted of extortion over this nonsense.

Remember, I paid this woman about $50USD after she translated my statement on 22 June 2021.

Instead of helping me, Sally Wu (吳宜錚) tells me that she is so sorry about the unfavourable court ruling but that I didn't provide enough context.  Evidently she translated my statement incorrectly to me on 22 June 2021.

Context?  Was it my original statement or not?

Is the translator supposed to tell the original author that the original author didn't mean what the author says he meant?

So I write up crime proceedings against her about perjury, the whole part about giving a wrong translation to a court that can cause the court to wrongfully convict someone, etc.

Here's a link to the PDF that I submitted to the court AND to the prosecutors on 25 June 2021:

Now, in court on 13 July 2021, the prosecutors question the witness (Clare, general manager of the Kidsland school) as though the statement is true.

Today, 18 July 2021, the lawyer who isn't really my lawyer anymore, writes me that CJCU replied to the allegation of perjury.  Apparently the whole Department of Translation is in on this now:

The following is CJCU's latest response to the court's document regarding English translation.  The main meaning is: "after a comprehensive comparison of your context, both with threatening and intimidating meaning, so they thing the correct translation is '10USD buy 1000 fliers from me".

Here's a link to the 8 July 2021 CJCU letter.  The whole Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) corrals behind their errant professor:

I DO know what I'm going to do next.  I'm going to write a request to the Criminal Court to investigate the translation on the basis of the fact that Sally Wu (吳宜錚) provided two conflicting translations.  A translator has no right to tell the author of a statement what the author's original meaning was. 

Furthermore, the "due criminal court process" surely cannot tolerate proceeding with a criminal trial until the meaning of the statement is resolved.  It would turn the whole Criminal Justice system in Taiwan into a complete joke... or... is that what's supposed to be happening? 

I even have a receipt!

Of the 1000 fliers and the payment to Sally Wu (吳宜錚)!

The receipts are in with the original email which contained the original statement, and the context after the receipts:

What do I know, I'm allegedly Delusional.  Reference Friday's neat post where I literally proved that Taiwan's Ministry Of Justice is in blatant violation of it's own Constitution Article 13.  It's a solid proof, read it yourself (at the link, download the PDF under the date, I find that's easier to read than a website):


"Are you ready to help me save the world?"

It'd be only the CHRISTIAN thing to do.


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