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Page 11. "In union, everything that is not real must disappear, for truth is union." ~A Course In Miracles welcomes Taiwan's Procuratorate

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List of Procuratorate Offices in Taiwan: 台灣地區檢察院名單:

(This list helps me later, when I need an address)






台南區地址及聯絡方式 | Tainan District Address and contact


Tainan District Public Prosecutors Office, Taiwan

aka Tainan District Procuratorate


708203 No. 310, Section 3, Jiankang Road, Anping District, Tainan City

Two Prosecutors are involved as Defendants of Criminal Investigation on the TPRO Pages at (not unlike feeding the tail of an eternal snake to its head, to reveal its eternal law) or the TLAW Suits at

1、廖舒屏(LIAO Shu-Ping),檢察官

2、葉淑文(YE Shu-Wen),臺南地方檢察署檢察長



Retrieved 22 July 2021 from, English:


Tainan District Attorney General Ye Shu-Wen

Sworn to Office on Mar 13, 2020




A Word from Ye Shu-Wen (葉淑文):

The responsibility and perseverance of the prosecutors Institutes are to protect the rights and interests of the people, to achieve social fairness and justice, to process the cases with the attitude of expertise, dedication, enjoyment, and fairness, to enforce the law in a solemn, to comply with due process, to realize fairness and justice, to safeguard human rights, and to promote humanism. Acquire the trust of people along with upgrading the efficiency of investigation. Please do not refuse to offer your kind advice to make judiciary accessible to people.

This last paragraph was missing on the English website.  It's translated using Google from Chinese:

Please give me your advice from all walks of life, so that the department's business will be more refined, so as to better meet the expectations of the people.


Criminal Investigation requests of Taiwan's Prosecutors (TPRO Pages):


Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution | |

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