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How is peace possible in this world? (M-11.) (Answer: Consistency of law!)

Questions to Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation (TLAF & LAFQ)

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I have legal questions.  I'm asking questions in order to understand the rules, and the legal process, of my environment. 

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Question 10, 15 July 2021:


Thank you for your reply.  I'm going to label this email Question 10, because it's really a request.  Please help me change lawyers.  And then please share a copy of this with the new lawyer, as it contains enough information to immediately request at least three Criminal Investigations: 1. Contract Termination Date, 2. Psychiatrist unlawfully declined the court-requested mental assessment, 3. Criminal perjury of Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers.  We'll also need to immediately request a Criminal Investigation of the Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) translations since the professor is intentionally allowing the court to retain knowingly false translations.  Not to mention the fact that we still need a mental assessment!


Question 9, 5 July 2021:

Please help me call two witnesses in the Tainan District Criminal Court file「南院武刑歲1081170字第1090042211號」 on 13 July 2021


This set of 38 pages includes a 5-page email sent to LAF and a 33-page attachment of the 20 May 2017 meeting transcript of three managers of Kidsland Sesame Street who are falsely accusing me of character defamation and extortion.  They misunderstood my polite warning as a threat and are now asking the Taiwan government to help them cover up them their crimes.  This question was worded in such a way so as to be able to be submitted directly to court.  It was submitted to court on 5 July 2021.  The stamp is from the court, confirming the submission.


Question 8, 1 July 2021:

TO Scott Lin (林泓帆), You've told me that you don't think we need to meet before the July 13th Criminal Court Appearance.  You also told me that we're cross-examining three witnesses.  The witnesses are accusing of numerous crimes.  You haven't told me your line of defence.  What, exactly, is your defence argument on my behalf in this Criminal Case?  Please reassure me that you have defence planned which will cause the judge to release me of all allegations and NOT sentence me to jail OR a fine OR anything else. 

Please also send me a list of the questions you intend to ask each witness so that I don't ask duplicate questions.  Remember, half of the questioning time is mine.  And I would expect that my lawyer would want to meet to discuss a collaborative questioning effort, Mr. Lin.


Question 7, 1 July 2021:

TO LAF, How do I begin an investigation about (a) a lawyer, (b) a prosecutor, and (c) a judge when they do not do their job?


Question 2.2, 1 July 2021:

If I do not have to give up my religious faith (specifically: that my SPIRIT thinks, and not my brain, because I am NOT a body, I am a SPIRIT using a body), why is the psychiatrist allowed to deny my court-requested mental assessment on grounds that I refuse to give up my religious faith?


Question 6, 30 June 2021:

Question 6 to LAF Lawyer Scott has 4 questions, and please reply by email. 

6.1. How do I begin an investigation about (a) a lawyer, (b) a prosecutor, and (c) a judge when they do not do their job?

6.2. How do I start a lawsuit about the discrimination from (a) the prosecutors and (b) the judge?

6.3. When are we meeting to go over the interrogation of witnesses before July 13th?

6.4. Do you think that, as a lawyer, it's your job to make sure that the people giving testimony AGAINST your client are NOT committing perjury? You know you suck as a lawyer if you allow the opponents to commit criminal perjury against your client, right?


Question 5, 26 June 2021:

To my friend Scott, one of only two people currently in my life who understand that I am seriously in need of help. Will you help me prepare a meal?


Question 4, 23 June 2021:




Question 3, 22 June 2021:

LAF, please confirm that Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) is going to submit the new translation from Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) to the Tainan District Court AND THAT all previous Chinese translations from that university are absolutely disregarded. 




Question 2, 20 June 2021:

Can you please inform the Tainan District Criminal Court that I cannot continue to allow Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) to represent me in court if the lawyer is not able to ensure that I receive an assessment of my mental health?




Question 1, 19 June 2021:

What do I need to submit to the Tainan District Criminal Court in order to receive an assessment of mental health before the judge punishes me for a crime I didn't commit?





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