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Page 10. "How is peace possible in this world?" (M-11.) Answer: Consistency of law! 法律的一致性!

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Questions to Legal Aid Foundation (LAFQ) and TLAF Pages


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Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation demonstrably allows lawyers to be completely irresponsible, and allows lawyers to state that defendants aren't cooperating with the lawyer's wishes, in order to remove the lawyer from the cases (and not assign a new lawyer).  In short, the foundation requires severely mentally ill individuals such as myself (I'm serious about that) to be self-represented in a Chinese court knowing that I'm deaf, mute, and illiterate in Chinese.  (Note about the mental illness: it's a perceptual disorder, not an issue of intelligence.  Intellectually, I'm fine, I'm exactly as smart as any lawyer since I completely understand that we all share exactly only one eternal mind.  Therefore, I imagine that lawyers should cooperate with me, instead of expecting me to blindly accept everything they say.  But, the lawyers clearly think otherwise and this organization clearly defends their lawyers.  So, the gloves are off.)


About the allegation of lawyer corruption, please refer to "tlaw0002", lawsuit against LAF Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆).  "tlaw0002" is listed in the TLAW Pages at:



If they contact me to repair the relationship, I'll begin a new page at http://p10.rene.guru but, in the meantime, this version of Page 10 is done and permanent.  You can click that link.  If it leads to this page, then they haven't contacted me yet.




Question 12, 26 July 2021


To answer your questions about the lawsuit against LAF lawyer Scott (林泓帆)

這是訴訟的副本,PDF 格式:

This is a copy of the lawsuit, in PDF:

En/Ch PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UfVFw1Neg2VA8W_Xl1Bu9r1QNVNyWER/view?usp=sharing



Q1. When did the two-year Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) teaching contract begin?

A1: July 1st, 2017



Q2. Did Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers know that I spent almost three years in prison and in psychiatric incarceration in Canada before they hired me?

A2: Yes



3. Did they do a criminal record check?

A3: No.  I told them I will fail (not pass) the check.  So they told me not to do it.



4. Can you prove it?



PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vb59TuptmoRxA4B9gXIfGLQ_Ht3dtMox/view?usp=sharing


Q5. When did you tell them?

A5: My wife Lindsay (蕭帆琇) and I (Rene, 瑞內) told Teaching Department Manager Denise (徐乙彤) and General Manager Clare (江佩樺) on 20 May 2017.



Q6. Can I prove that the managers really knew it?

A6: Yes, they really knew.  The prosecutors also know.  I have the meeting and subsequent phone conversations audio-recorded in case they lied about it later.



Q7. You went to Civil Court in 2018.  What was the case about?

A7: I told LAF that Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers tricked me.  First they accepted my situation in Canada.  But the situation requires a lot of advertisement to fix.  So they hired me and they knew that I need advertisement, and I want advertisement, and I am going to tell people that I was wrongly imprisoned in Canada.  After a few months of teaching, the managers told me not to tell anyone about my situation in Canada.  That caused me a lot of mental stress.  I had a mental breakdown on 20 Jan 2018.  I didn't hit anyone or hurt anyone.  It wasn't anything like that.  I just started telling people about what happened to me in Canada.  Then the school said they fired me because I didn't submit a criminal record check, and because I commited "bad behaviour".  The only "bad behaviour" was telling clients about what happened to me in Canada.  But I don't think that was bad.  Actually, I believe the clients had a right to know.  And, the fact that I wasn't allowed to complain that the school managers asked me to hide my past, I believe that's a violation of R.O.C. Constitution Article 16.



Q8. Did Kidsland (凱仕蘭) tell Tainan judge Luo (羅郁棣) that they never knew about your psychiatric imprisonment?

A8: Yes, they lied in court on 26 Nov 2018.  And not a little lie.  A major fabrication.  Case file: 臺南區民事法院107年勞訴字第60



10.  Did lawyer Scott (林泓帆) know that you were in prison in Canada, and spent almost three years in mental hospitals?

A9: Yes.



Q10.  Can you prove the lawyer knew?

A10: Yes.  In court on 26 Nov 2018, I told the lawyer and the judge that Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers are lying.  The judge didn't believe it, so the judge prepared a follow-up court hearing to accept evidence.  The follow-up hearing was on 24 Dec 2018.  Lawyer Scott (林泓帆) represented me.  It was his job to help me give the evidence to the judge.  I was not self-represented on 26 Nov 2018 and I was not self-represented on 24 Dec 2018.  It would be perjury if Scott (林泓帆) claims not to know.  Additionally, I'd been talking about it right from the start.  That was also why he focused his questions on 26 Nov 2018 about my Canadian psychiatric incarceration.



Q11. Did Scott (林泓帆) petition the court on 24 Dec 2018?

A11: I don't think so.  Scott (林泓帆) isn't very assertive.  It was all in Chinese.

A11:我不這麼認為。 林宏帆不是很自信。都是中文的。


Q12.  Why did you file litigation about a mental assessment if the real problem is the perjury?

A12: I awoke from a dream at 1 am on 23 July 2021.  The dream showed me that if I begin litigation about perjury, then the judge and LAF can help Scott (林泓帆), and the original problem persists.  So I thought about it, and I realized that if I prove that Kidsland (凱仕蘭) denied me a mental assessment, then Scott (林泓帆) has no defence because a severely mentally ill person cannot be expected to argue in court, and I have a history of severe mental illness.  Since people now generally accept that I am severely mentally ill, therefore, at the very least, according to the Mental Health Act, I had a right to a mental assessment before the school stopped providing Healthcare benefit.  That's also in Criminal Code Article 294, I believe.



Q13. Why are you suing Scott (林泓帆)?

A13: The lawyer didn't do his job.  The Civil Court judge ruled that the school lawfully terminated the contract without accepting that the contract's condition required me to advertise my Canadian mental history (since a severely mentally ill person cannot be allowed to stay overnight with young children in a hotel room during a school trip, and the school let me do that on 14 Aug 2017).  Now the same Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers believe they can lie in Criminal Court and send me back to Canada (If I am convicted of extortion, the crime is serious, so I will probably be deported after jail--the National Immigration Agency told me that, two separate times.).  The managers already convinced the judge once.  And Scott (林泓帆) is representing me again, and he's still not doing his job!  He told me I will probably lose the Criminal lawsuit and go to jail.  Scott (林泓帆) didn't submit my requests to have a criminal investigation of the evidence.  So I asked LAF to give me a new lawyer, but LAF (the Legal Aid Foundation) refused.  LAF said Scott (林泓帆) didn't do anything wrong.  So I need to prove that Scott (林泓帆) isn't doing his job.  That's why I sued Scott (林泓帆).  Why should I go to jail just because a lawyer isn't doing his job?



Q14.  Do you hate Scott (林泓帆)?

A14: No, he's actually a nice guy.  Not many people can tolerate me.  I have a very strong mind.  Scott (林泓帆) is one of the few people who are patient.  But Scott (林泓帆) was criminally negligent, and I really need someone who will do an honest job more than I need someone just to listen to me complain.  We're trying to fix the problem, and not watch it continue.  Listening to me complain about it isn't going to help us fix the problem.  And I need money.  Since LAF gave a lot of money to Scott (林泓帆) to represent me in two other Civil lawsuits, and Scott (林泓帆) didn't submit adequate evidence to the judge in both lawsuits.  It's unfair to other clients if Scott (林泓帆) pursues judicial friendships instead of client rights.



Question 11, 26 July 2021:


26 July 2021, Question 11, LAF: are you going to allow the conflict of interest after you forced me to keep using an intentionally criminally negligent lawyer?

PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QIxjXEjPKaJ2AxrttPUfbw1NGe8M6fMe/view?usp=sharing


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