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Illusions are untrue. (S-2.III.4.)

Arguments to Taiwan's Prosecutors (TPRO Pages)

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Criminal Perjury Of CJCU Faculty Of Translation Professor Sally Wu

2021 July 20, extended into a Civil lawsuit, different court district:



2021 June 25, filed:





Criminal perjury of three Kidsland managers on 26 Nov 2018:

2021 July 23, updated with evidence:



2021 June 7, filed without evidence on (I doubted they'd take it, but they assigned a file number):




There were over a dozen separate complaints in 2018 and 2019.  They were made at multiple courts in Tainan and Koahsiung City, Taiwan ("Republic Of China"). 

Most early filings were against Kidsland, some were against Kan Ning University, one was against Set TV News Group. 

None were heard.  However, since the foundation of all of these complaints is an argument about the legal definition of the word "mind", which originated in Canada, there is no way to end the argument in Taiwan except with agreement to revisit the argument in Canada. 

With a fully public record on the internet, we're going to find out whether the Taiwan government truly advocates worldwide honesty and worldwide peace, or how long they'll pretend to hide the fact that the story is also restoring awareness the People's Republic Of China actually owns Taiwan.  About Taiwan's ownership, reference



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