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Page 9. "You cannot behave appropriately unless you perceive correctly." (T-1.III.6.) schleps Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation (TLAF)

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The Taiwan government approved this organization to provide legal services to low income and disadvantaged people.  However, that's only what the government tells the public. 


On 20 July 2021, I had a mental breakdown I their office:


m4a (audio):

Do you what the supervisor said?  The supervisor told me the supervisor's only responsibility is to assign the lawyer and make sure the lawyer gets paid.  Whether or not the lawyer is honest, is not the responsibility of the Legal Aid Foundation.


They called my wife on 21 July 2021 and insisted that I must be mentally ill.  


They wouldn't assign a new lawyer after I proved that Scott Lin (林泓帆) is absolutely negligent.  Instead, they cancelled their services outright. 


Here's their website: 這是他們的網站:


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Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution

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