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13 July 2021 Taiwan Criminal Hearing afterthoughts

A proposal to kick Kidsland Company's corrupt ass, legally.

_klss0014 | dated 13 July 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

Here's one for the history books.  Ok, I'm pre-empting that.  But the lawsuit that I'm outlining in this post will DEFINITELY be one for the history books!!!

Judges, readers, you're probably not going to believe what you're about to read.  I assure you it's all true, and serious.

I am a delusional Schizophrenic. 

A school hired me knowing that I spent three years in jail in Canada trying to argue with psychiatrists about (what I believe to be) an illegal diagnosis from 2012.  Find the school at http://p7.rene.guru

Evidence was in the last post, klss0013 if you want a search tag, linked below.

My wife and I specifically explained to the school that I require a lot of advertisement to restore my reputation, and that I will fail the obligatory criminal record check. 

The school is in Tainan City, Taiwan.

The general manager of the school, the person who oversees 13 branches, hired me.  Clare was her name.  Find her Chinese name at that last link.  She knew Canadian psychiatrists decided I was severely mentally ill.

My wife and I told her, and a second manager who led the Teaching Department, all about my need of publicity on 20 May 2017. 

She hired me on 26 May 2017.  On 14 Aug 2017, I spent a night alone in a hotel room with clients of their rich school, during an overnight school trip.

A year later, she accused me of maliciously ruining the school's reputation.  Remember, she knew that I needed advertisement to restore my reputation in Canada.

If that wasn't enough, she then accused me of extortion (based on an incorrect Chinese translation).  I provide explicit details about the non-existent extortion in an email dated 9 July 2021 which I actually also submitted to the Tainan District Criminal Court today, 13 July 2021.

So I'm in Criminal Court in Tainan City

This is after the managers also lied to the judge in Civil Court, when they specifically said that I'd never told them about my criminal record or mental health history before they hired me.  The date of the Civil Court hearing was 26 Nov 2018.

Gee, it sure is nice to be able to remember everything.

On 13 July 2021, in Criminal Court, I think the judge asked me if I wanted to plead guilty.  I don't really know what the judge asked, because I can't understand Chinese very well.  But that's what the court-appointed translator said, on behalf of the judge.  I laughed as a transcribed that part of the hearing:

20210713.9:45:19 Court-appointed translator (The Tool): Ok, I'm going to read you your rights.  Number 1, you have the right to remain silent.  You don't have to make any statements against your will.  [How about not taking any of my statements out of context against my will?]  Number 2, you have the right to legal counsel.  And if you are economically under-privileged, such as you have low income or also you are aboriginal or other social status, you have the right to request legal assistance.  And number 3, you have the right to ask for investigation of evidences that are favourable to you.  Do you understand your rights? [Is this just something the court says, or do they actually mean what they say?]

20210713.9:45:46 Rene: I would like a lawyer, and I would like a criminal investigation why I did not have a psychiatric assessment. 


20210713.9:48:06 AM Rene: Is the court going to accept that I have mental illnesses including Schizophrenia and Delusional Disorder?

20210713.9:48:12 Tool: I, I'm sorry?

20210713.9:48:13 Rene: Is the court willing to accept that I have mental illnesses including Schizophrenia and Delusional Disorder?

20210713.9:48:58 Tool: So, do you plead guilty to all the charges?

20210713.9:48:59 Rene: You're asking a Delusional person.  I'm not qualified to plead anything. 

The plan was to examine 3 witnesses.  After 2-and-a-half hours, we were maybe halfway done with the first.  At least we managed to review parts of that 9 July 2021, which I just remembered I'd copied to http://reneguru.blogspot.com/klss0013.html

The internet's great.  Perfect memory.  I love it!

In Criminal Court, I tried to point out that the school knowingly hired a Delusional Schizophrenic, who suffers from a host of other disorders that nine different psychiatrists simply called a "severe mental illness". 

There is actually no possible way, at least not according to Taiwan's written laws, that the school should have left me alone with young students in a hotel room during an overnight school trip.  But, this is Taiwan.  Rules here don't seem to matter much.

So this is a test to the court.  The Tainan District Civil Court already allowed three of the senior managers of that cram school to give false evidence in court on 26 Nov 2018.  Evidence is included in link above, klss0013.  It provides links to the direct proof of perjury (intentional deception of serious facts in court)

Once I'm done transcribing today's hearing (I'll post it when done), I'm going to write a Civil Court lawsuit against Kidsland.  I claim extreme emotional upset arising from deception of several managers at that cram school.  The managers are named in the email. 

The extreme emotional depression and upset arises from the fact that the managers asked me to conceal my criminal history, and my mental health history, from clients of the school.  In my opinion, the clients had a right to know whether their teacher is severely mentally ill.  In fact, there are multiple laws and statutes that protect the rights and safety of cram school students specifically against "wolf teachers" such as I appear to be on paper.

Since I'm not really a "wolf teacher", and I definitely asked the school to help me restore my reputation before they hired me, therefore, I have a solid claim of severe emotional depression.  A better word is "mental rape", which is precisely what the managers at that school are doing.

It's actually been a really hard three years since they fired me--I'm not joking about that.  In fact, I'm not joking anywhere.  I mentioned that. 

And I'm really delusional too.  Except, my delusion is so huge, you won't understand it even if I try to explain it.  Here: the world is always changing.  Because he world is ALWAYS changing, therefore you know: 1. nothing in an ever-changing environment is real, which means it's all equally unreal, and 2. a changeless reality exists to sustain the ever-changing state.  Therefore, you're delusional too.  The difference is, you believe justice exists in this place, and I know that it only depends on public opinion and support.

Suffice it to say, I'm severely mentally ill and the school knew it before the hired me, in full contravention of multiple Taiwan statutes.

What have I actually done wrong? 

Really, I haven't done anything wrong.  I challenged a major international church about their right to take money from people in the name of God, and then say that the bible tells people to give 10% to the church.  The bible doesn't say that, but the argument was too big for anyone to accept.  So they decided to ridicule me instead.  I'm thinking now it's my turn. 

I've only been trying to draw attention to myself in harmless ways, so that I can finally restore my reputation in Canada.  In the process, I do hope to become the legal King Of Canada.  Yes, that is a real position in Canada, but they don't call it that.  Canada calls it "The office of the Governor General".  It's the "viceroy" (king) all the same.

So here's what I'm going to do, as a money raiser.  The public has to understand that the only real way to win a court case in a corrupt courthouse is with A LOT of advertisement.  SO, I'm going to offer investments into the legal health of Tainan City.  Let's work together to restore law and order at the Tainan District Courthouse.

Together, we'll raise enough publicity to win the court case.  When we win, the cram school has to supply the court costs.  Since your investment covers the initial court cost, you should at least get your money back.  I'm not asking one person to provide me with 200,000nt$.  I'm asking 2000 students to each give me 100nt$. 

I need a few leaders to help me gather the money.  My target's 40 Leaders.  After I return 1000nt$ (from the winnings, a 1000% profit) to each of the 2000 students, I'll split the remainder evenly with the leaders

I'm not in this for the money.  I want to build a university in Canada.  I need advertisement.  This is just another plan to get advertisement.

So, first I need to finish transcribing the court hearing from 13 July 2021, then I'll write the lawsuit.  The lawsuit doubles as my criminal defence, which the Tainan District Criminal Court must also legally investigate on the grounds of providing "evidence favourable to my defence" (since I did say that my goal is to bankrupt the corrupt school, and this lawsuit will do that).

Don't worry because the school leaders are really corrupt.  That's how they got into this mess.  It's not a loss, and we're doing the public a huge favour. 

I'm going to ask the court to award me 1'0000'0000NT$ in damages.  If we get just 200'0000NT$ then all investors get 1000NT$.  HOWEVER, this case has already lasted 3.5 years.  Three years worth of time in suffering, at the rate of my old salary at that school, is already about 10,000,000nT$. 

Can the school afford it?

Actually, I think with a payment plan, they might.  They own 13 branches, and the owner also owns a large maternity hospital in Taiwan.  That number's only about a year's worth of gross revenue.

Here's a little backup, to our plan:

To prove to you the extent of my delusion, I present to you a funny story about a psychiatrist in Taiwan.  The psychiatrist literally empowered me with the ability to avoid absolutely all future psychiatric assessments in Taiwan, and, therefore, the court really has no choice but to allow me to argue this case in court.  They can't simply dismiss it.

I recently attended a court-requested mental (spiritual) assessment.  I know that I attended the mental (spiritual) assessment, because I made the request to the Tainan District Court!  The assessment occurred on 31 May 2021 at 衛生福利部嘉南療養院.  Sorry for the Chinese name.  It's easier to cut-and-paste into a search that way.  Jang Ning Nursing Home was the English name, but it was actually a psychiatric asylum.  "Nursing home" is just a pleasant spin on an evil concept.  The psychiatrist's name was 李俊宏.  Here's a link to minutes of the meeting:


The original audio-recording is linked on the first page of that PDF.

The psychiatrist told me that he was unable to comply with the court request unless I am willing to perform a physical assessment.  But, I believe in Spirit.  I believe that I am Spirit, and not my body.  And I believe that thinking continues after physical death.  I believe this because I've remembered pieces of 7 different lifetimes, and that's not really something I prove, nor is it something that someone can disprove to me.  I just know that I'm not my body.  Therefore, I believe that I have a Spirit, that my Spirit is the decision-making part of my entity, and that my brain does not think.  Conclusion: to perform a physical assessment in order to receive an evaluation of my thinking processes is a waste of time.  Why would I accept a waste of time from a court process that I'm using in order to try to shorten the amount of time it takes me to accomplish a larger goal?  Can you see how that's an unbeatable argument?  Not to mention the fact that a third of the population on earth officially believes in Allah or God, and both Allah and God are included in the word "Spirit".

I did ask the psychiatrist to provide me with the procedural code, or a specific legal reference, which required me to undergo a physical assessment before the psychiatrist was willing to allow me to have a mental assessment.  Here's an excerpt from the relevant dialog:

20210531.9:26:08 AM Psychiatrist Lee (Chinese: 李俊宏): Yeah, eh: the mental state is based on your physical state.

20210531.9:26:41 Rene [speaking very clearly]: Because I DO want the assessment, so let's continue the assessment.

20210531.9:26:46 Lee: But we can't, [chuckle], we can't forward the further assessment until you complete all the assessment.

20210531.9:26:56 Rene: Noooo, that's no correct.  Do you have a--can you show me the rule?

20210531.9:27:00 Lee: Yeah, we have the protocol here. 

20210531.9:27:04 Rene: Ok, can you show me the protocol?

20210531.9:27:05 Lee: But it's all in Chinese.

20210531.9:27:06 Rene: That's Ok.

20210531.9:27:07 Lee leaves back to a counter not far away.  In Chinese, in the background, he asks the receptionist to give him something.


20210531.9:27:23 Lee [returns in a flurry]: But... but, but, uh, but you don't want to do the assessment here?

20210531.9:27:30 Rene: No, I definitely want to do the assessment here.  Yes I want to do the assessment.


20210531.9:27:56 Lee: So, in Taiwan, if you want to do the forensic psychiatrist assessment you must do the physical examination and laboratory test.

20210531.9:28:10 Rene: And you're not willing to do only the mental part?

20210531.9:28:15 Lee: Yah, that's for the forensic psychologist.  Ok?

20210531.9:28:19 Rene: Ok [meaning: "I understand", not "I agree"]

20210531.9:28:20 Lee: Ok.  In our hospital we combine psychiatrist, psychologist, and social worker.

20210531.9:28:24 Rene: Oh, I see!  You're the doctor who's going to talk to me about these tests. 

20210531.9:28:29 Lee: And before the test, and after the test, I will do the mental explanation and interview.

20210531.9:28:35 Rene: Oh, so I can't do this stuff with you, but I can do this stuff with the psychologist.

20210531.9:28:40 Rene: At 10:30, I meet with the psychol--sorry, psychiatrist.

20210531.9:28:43 Lee [pointing to the itinerary]: Psychologist here (at 10:30), I'm the psychiatrist (9:15).

20210531.9:28:56 Rene: You're the psychiatrist?

20210531.9:28:48 Lee: I'm the psychiatrist.

20210531.9:28:48 Rene: Oh

20210531.9:28:48 Lee: But some mental states will be affected by the physical condition.

20210531.9:29:00 Rene: That's incorrect.  It doesn't need to be.

20210531.9:29:01 Lee: Such as adrenal efficiency.

20210531.9:29:04 Rene: It doesn't need to be.  

20210531.9:29:05 Lee: [scoffs]

20210531.9:29:05 Rene: And we have a difference of opinion about that so

20210531.9:29:10 Lee: Ya, ya, ya, so--

20210531.9:29:11 Rene: If you're not willing to continue doing a mental assessment with me, without the physical part, that's your belief.

20210531.9:29:20 Lee: Ya, ya

20210531.9:29:21 Rene: And you believe you can't do it.

20210531.9:29:22 Lee: And it's our code.

20210531.9:29:22 Rene: Right

20210531.9:29:22 Lee: And it's our protocol here.  So, if you do not want to do that.  We can tell the court you do not want to do the laboratory examination and the whole protocol, and the whole process including [included] in our protocol, and they will refer [you] to another institution or facility, which would like do only mental state examination for you.

20210531.9:29:56 Rene: As long as you write that, we completely agree.

20210531.9:29:57 Lee: mmm [means "Yes" in Chinese]

20210531.9:29:58 Rene: We agree, but, you don't say that I don't want to do it.  I do want to do it.  But I believe I am not my body.  I believe in spirit. 

20210531.9:30:00:06 Lee: Ok.

20210531.9:30:07 Rene: So, in order to talk to the mind, I--you believe that the mind comes from the body--I believe the other way.  I believe the body comes from the mind. 

20210531.9:30:16 Lee: That's ok.  That's ok.

20210531.9:30:17 Rene: So just as long as you--

20210531.9:30:18 Lee: Yes

20210531.9:30:18 Rene: --write down the laboratory part--

20210531.9:30:20 Lee: Yah, yah, yah, ok.  We can write down all these arguments and mail to the court, and maybe they will assign another facility.

The court didn't assign another facility.  They simply insisted that I refused the assessment.  To me, it's just completely b.s.  And I'm going to keep right on digging until I come out the other end, alive, well, and obscenely famous.  Join me in this project! 

The next post should be the court transcript from 13 July 2021, at least the English parts.  When I have a copy of the Chinese, I'll post that too.

Then the lawsuit thereafter, hopefully by the end of this week, probably early next week.  Next criminal court hearing is on 28 July 2021, 9:30 AM again, probably Courtroom 11 again (since the three judges have their nameplates stuck on the desks there).


"Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?" (ACIM C-2.9)



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