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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.



3. Rene needs the internet to be certain that the public and parents understand Kidsland.  Kidsland is not the best school.  Kidsland is actually one of the worst schools.

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The Translator (T-7.II.4.) gave Rene permission to print this, WITHOUT ruining the school's reputation, because this is part of a defence which explicitly exposes a much greater action of criminal activity occurring at the school.  Something Rene is asking the court's help to correct!



Introducing 12 attention-getting statements |介紹12條引人注目的聲明


On 26 Nov 2018, three senior managers of Kidsland Sesame Street (Clare, Denise, and Stacy) told a little lie in Tainan District Civil Court file 「臺南區民事法院107年勞訴字第60號」


The little lie grew and grew.  And it had been growing since 28 Dec 2017, when the managers asked their Schizophrenic teacher, Rene, not to tell their clients about his criminal history or mental health struggles.  The managers insisted "this is Taiwan, nobody cares about your Canadian history" and "we don't want to scare anyone".


Nine doctors declared Rene a delusional, severely ill, man who suffers from a range of serious mental disorders including Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and more.  Most importantly, Delusional Disorder and paranoia. 


In reality, Rene's only real problem is the different spiritual voices he hears.  He decides what to do based on what he hears (he usually does the opposite, namely, what the voices are afraid he's going to do).  That way, Rene is forcing people's own spirits to join together in a common project to achieve real worldwide peace, without harming anyone.


Rene told the managers about his past on 20 May 2017, before the managers hired Rene.  Rene specifically told the managers that doctors accused Rene of crimes which he didn't commit.  Rene told the managers that, when Rene demanded a criminal trial, the doctors declared Rene legally insane.  The doctors kept Rene locked in solitary confinement and forcibly medicated Rene until Rene admitted to criminal guilt.


Managers insisted Rene should deceive managers, teachers, and over 2500 clients of the 13 Kidsland Sesame Street cram schools on 28 Dec 2017.  Find the locations listed at .  But deceiving anyone isn't going to help us achieve real worldwide peace, is it?

經理堅持瑞內應該在1061228日欺騙芝麻街13家芝麻街凱仕蘭補習班的經理、老師和2500多名客戶。查找 中列出的位置。但欺騙任何人並不能幫助我們實現真正的全球和平,是嗎?

Rene certainly never agreed to deceive anyone, since peace depends on honesty, and honesty requires consistency of laws.  When the cram school managers told Rene that they want Rene to deceive clients who trusted Rene, Rene simply became more public.  After all, telling Rene what you don't want Rene to do is only going to make him ask you "Why not?" 


The above statement is one of twelve which Kidsland Sesame Street English school managers allege is ruining the school's reputation.  But the managers are deceiving prosecutors about the fact that they knowingly evaded Taiwan's national security checks to hire a foreign convicted criminal whom psychiatrists declared too crazy to work as a teacher. 


Specifically, reference this excerpt of a conversation between Rene (瑞內) and General Manager Clare (江佩樺), and head of the Teaching Department, manager Denise (徐乙彤).  A PDF copy of the entire transcript is linked below the excerpt.  The PDF includes a link to the original voice recording!  This conversation took place on 20 May 2017, beginning at 10:41 am.  The indicated times are from the start of the audio-recording.  The conversation occurred 6 days before Rene and the school signed a two-year teaching contract:

1:07:16 Rene to Clare: And here's why I don't have a choice: in your contract, you're asking for a criminal record check. 

1:07:23 Clare: Yeah

1:07:26 Denise: Ohhhh.

1:07:28 Rene to Clare: I will fail that.  However--

1:07:32 (Denise speaking Chinese to Clare): Sway, ta shi--

1:07:33 Denise to Rene: You have a record?

1:07:34 Rene to Denise: Yes. 



1:07:23 江佩樺:是的


1:07:28徐乙彤對江佩樺:我會失敗的。然而 -

1:07:32(徐乙彤對江佩樺說中文):Swayta shi--



The teacher only wants his credibility restored!  He had asked the school to help restore his credibility, and they agreed.  Now they're trying to renege the original agreement.  The criminal court file in the Tainan District Court is 「南院武刑歲1081170字第1090042211號」.


Even more incredible, the judge allows a psychiatrist to say "Sorry, I can't perform the court-requested mental assessment because Rene refuses to believe that thinking originates in his body.  You'll just have to accept the fact he's Schizophrenic, and just never receive an official assessment from me".  Reference:


Without surprise, the Tainan District Criminal court did not investigate this submission establishing the above statement as true and publicly relevant, and therefore not malicious character destruction.  If anything, this page, together with the rest, establishes that Taiwan's legal system is corrupt.


Referenced Exhibits are available online in the following folder:


The following was the submission to the Tainan District Criminal Court on 29 April 2020.  Reference pages 18 to 19 in the linked PDF:




The third statement, the Chinese language did not come from Rene, so deny its evidence capacity, and please investigate the truth of the English statement:


3. "Rene needs the internet to be certain that the public and parents understand Kidsland.  Kidsland is not the best school.  Kidsland is actually one of the worst schools."



Re-reading this statement three years after I first wrote it, I remember this logic:

I really loved teaching at Kidsland.  I thought it was the best school.  However, the general manager tricked me.  She hired me knowing that I needed advertisement to restore my reputation in Canada.  When I began a public petition against Canada, I advertised it only on my own time and not at the school.  The general manager asked two other senior managers to make sure that no clients at the school discover that I was in prison in Canada.  I began the petition on 26 Dec 2017.  The managers told me that I had to attend an obligatory meeting on 28 Dec 2017 about it, or I didn't need to come to work anymore.  At the meeting, Stacy (黃姿瑜) and Denise (徐乙彤) asked me to help the school keep my secret.  It was literally a threat, and the managers required me to deceive clients.  I don't want this to be a secret!  I want everyone to know the psychiatrists in Canada can accuse college teachers of crimes, and then imprison the teacher without a criminal trial!  A school that requires teachers to deceive clients cannot be one of the best, and must in fact be among the worst because the school has an unethical business conduct and its managers cannot be trusted.


真實 | Truth


This allegation contains three separate sentences.  The first sentence is true because there can be only one kind of honesty.  The law represents honesty.  The law must remain consistent, and the idea of consistency applies, firstly, to itself.  Cross-cultural verification is the only way to reveal inconsistencies in local laws.  The internet is the fastest, most affordable, way to accomplish legal consistency.


The second and third sentences convey the exact same meaning, but with different wording.  The reader has the choice to declare the statements as different.  For example, it is normal to answer the question "How are you?", in Taiwan, with "Not bad".  "Not bad" does not mean "good", yet the public commonly assumes that "not bad" and "good" are the same.


In this case, "not the best" and "one of the worst" is exactly the same, because, when wanting to determine the best of many, there is only "the best" and "everything worse".  There is not a choice for "second best" when comparing for "the best".


Refer to a concise summary of specific instances of false testimony from Kidsland managers in court on 26 Nov 2018 in Rene Exhibit D010, pages 7 to 9.  "The best" school does not commit criminal perjury to hide a major offence of Taiwan Criminal Code Article 339-4 Criminal Fraud. 


Investigation request to prosecutors on 7 June 2021:


Since it is illegal to make a false accusation before a judge in court of law, and Rene directly submits solid evidence to the court that Kidsland Sesame Street is committing Criminal Fraud, the court can please investigate this claim in pages 7 to 9 of Rene Exhibit D010.


而與公共利益 | Public interest


These statements are entirely in self-defence against Kidsland, see Rene Exhibit D009.


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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.

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