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Criminal Perjury at CJCU (長榮大學) update 2 July 2021

TO: Alex Lee (李泳龍), President (校長)

_cjcu0002 | updated 25 July 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

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TO: Alex Lee (李泳龍), President (校長),

Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學), Tainan City, Taiwan Province Of China

Reference to understand the specific legal reason why China still owns Taiwan.


AKA: "Evergreen University", "Chang Da"




RE: Criminal PERJURY



All referenced emails from Sally Wu (吳宜錚) are in the 25 June 2021 submission to Tainan District Prosecutors about the perjury:



Hello Mr. Lee, 李泳龍, Alex if I may.

I'm exited to write you. 

I intended this to replace the page at

But I haven't heard from you.

Allow me to introduce Talk To Dream, so that you understand its scope.

Nine psychiatrists provided court documents testifying that I am severely mentally ill:

Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, severe and prolonged psychosis, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, manic and depressive, usually manic, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder.  They left out fud.

Recently, a tenth psychiatrist joined our story.  There have been ten doctors in the story, but only 9 psychiatrists who submitted documents in court about me.

In order of appearance in this story, the psychiatrists are (Canada CPSO#):

1. Ali, Liaqat (63312),

2. Chawla, Anjana (84905),

3. Lorberg, Gunter Wolfgang (72223),

4. Van Impe, Jeffrey John Howard (82520),

5. De Freitas, Karen Denise (71381),

6. Dickey, Robert Lee (32295),

7. Komer, William Joseph (55555),

8. Karagianis, James Leslie (80478),

and long wrong Wong,

9. Wong, Leslie Kin Long (86592)

The tenth is Taiwanese, met on 31 May 2021

10. 李俊宏, Lee Chun-Hung

I'll formally welcome him probably next week at

Remember, ALL psychiatrists receive certification approved by the American Psychological Association according to the teachings of their global bible, The Diagnostic And Statistics Manual, which is continually revised to keep the public guessing at the source of mental HEALTH.  (We understand that, BECAUSE Allah exists, the source is NOT a potion or pill).

We're all only ever advertising our personal beliefs.  So why can't we all work together? 

The bible encourages mutual church-building, right?  The part about "where any two agree, there in their midst is the spirit of wholeness".  Because there is only one whole, all parts are only learning to work better together.  Everyone implicitly serves the same underlying purpose, sustainability.

Alex, in the email containing the first draft of this, I forgot to mention, the whole reason everyone of those psychiatrists is against me is because there's something wrong with me, it's because I claimed to be the biblical Antichrist, as the cover of the first part of this story shows:

It's VERY unlikely (emphasis on the UN) that I'm going to stop believing that about myself.  It began like a joke.  I figured, if the bible was written to everyone, then any one of us could stand up and say "Yeah, I'll be that guy."  Well, I guess the joke was on me.  The real question is "Would you want to be that guy, knowing that the guy in the bible has to give up his entire personal life in order to establish a new NO-PRIVACY-LAWS city?"

Well, I'm still that guy.  And, I definitely deserve A MENTAL ASSESSMENT.  Hence why I'm going after that 10th doctor PUBLICLY.  You guys, CJCU, Kidsland, and everybody else, you guys are just fluff to help fuel my fire.  Publicity ensures Honesty, and saves all of us timeHELP ME!!

You're either with me, or you're against me on this one.  Let's do this one in the name of the Spirit Of Christ.  And I do mean "You" as EVERYONE.


On 31 May 2021, in Taiwan, a psychiatrist refused to provide me with a mental assessment on grounds that I refused to accept that the brain thinks. 

Find confirmation from court in a document tracking a question about the doctor, a doctor who denied a severely mentally ill patient the right to a court-requested mental assessment:

What the doctor did is actually violates Criminal Code Article 294.  The law says:

If a person who by law, order, or contract has duty to support or protect a helpless person abandons him or does not give him support or protection necessary to preserve his life, the person shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than six months but not more than five years.

And, on that note, I finally found what I need in order to begin criminal investigations against prosecutors who refuse to investigate the three lying cram school managers.  It's Article 125, item 3.  The cram school committed criminal fraud, details at

Here's my reasoning:

If our thinking comes from our physical brain THEN a scan of the brain can help assess problems related to thinking. 

BUT our thinking comes from SPIRIT.  Spirit is eternal, and only momentarily with our body.  It uses the body like a tool, to learn about itself, and make a "live-action" movie.

THEREFORE a scan of our physical brain is completely irrelevant to an assessment of mental health. 

Since I am publicly testifying that GOD is the keeper of mental health (that we are all collectively GOD, not that God is just one person), therefore, I must correct the mistaken belief in magic.  A "belief in magic" is exactly what the psychiatrist teaches when the psychiatrist says:

You need this pill in order to think correctly.  God doesn't exist.  Medical experts put a lot of thought into this pill.  If you eat the pill, you will understand things correctly.  This is the right pill.  It will help you.  And if it doesn't solve inconsistent thinking, then we'll try a different pill.  We'll find the right one, eventually.  I'm offering you a special discount.  Don't worry, it's not addictive.  Just take this pill until you get better, and remember, you NEED this pill in order to think correctly.

After that, I started the website at in order to sort out my thinking, and share my situation with everyone:

FOR THE LAST SIX MONTHS, CHANG JUNG CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY incorrectly confirmed to prosecutors of the Tainan District Court (court file is listed at the top) that I am extorting money from a cram school.  The translator falsely confirmed that I am blackmailing the cram school to stop advertising this story. 

I NEED advertisement TO FIX this.  So why would I blackmail anyone?

Unfortunately, cram school managers also accuse me of being "delusional", so who's going to believe me?

No one believes me.

So I now I'm trying God, again.  Your God, Alex.  Not mine, since mine is clearly "not strong enough".  Thank you for that, by the way. 

I am calling out: "Holy Spirit, Our Father In Heaven, Jesus Christ in your name I ask!  Please help me to fix the incorrect translations from a university that claims to serve you and which doesn't seem to care that a translator is falsely accusing me of crime!"

And, do you know what? 

I'm directly asking CJCU to settle this matter with me before we escalate the issue in court.  Consider this message a public notice:

Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) Professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) submitted false translations of substantial statements to the Tainan District Court.  PLEASE TAKE BACK ALL MESSAGES ABOUT ME. 

Both Sally Wu (吳宜錚) and Assistant Manager (助理管理師) Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) confirmed submitting multiple translations beginning in December 2020, over multiple months, to Tainan District Court file:


I'm directly asking Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) President (校長) Alex Lee (李泳龍) to ensure all translations from the school about me (Rene Helmerichs) are immediately withdrawn from the court.  Not just some statements, but ALL statements. 

And, because CJCU is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN school, I'm asking in the name of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Our loving Father in Heaven, GOD ALMIGHTY, and all public media outlets everywhere.  Spread the word!  Share the news!  Forward the link to this page which you are currently reading:

Or share the link to the previous page:

Do we agree the purpose is always to save the court time, and never to waste it?


The English statement, translated by Chang Jung Christian University

I wrote the original English statement in an email to cram school managers dated 16 Oct 2018:

Let's call it Statement 2A.


Statement 2A means:

"I can spend 250nt$ to buy 1000 flyers, since the cost to print 1000 A5-sized black-and-white copies is only 250nt$ (about 9 USD) in Taiwan."

There are two A5 flyers on one A4-sized page.  The printing cost of each A4 paper is 0.5nt$.  Flyers can contain any information.  For example, a general picture of a university campus with QR Code conveniently assisting recipients to find a website containing more detail about the university's crimes.

Google Translate translates the meaning of 2A as:



Google doesn't translate Statement 2A very well because Google Translate expects the "nt$" to come after the numerical amount, as it would if it were spoken.  But in English writing, the dollar sign comes before the number. 

The grammar, however, is correct.  My English statement contains zero grammatical flaws.  CJCU professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) also placed the "nt$" in front of the number when she wrote "NT$1,500 for 1,500 English words" in an email dated 22 June 2021 at 3:39 PM.

We can replace "nt$" with TWD to help Google Translate:

Statement 2A becomes:

7aTWD250 buys me 1000 pieces of paper with a QR code and pictures of your clients.

Google translates Statement 2A with "TWD" instead of "nt$" as:



The first paid translation provided by Chang Jung Christian University

Chang Jung Christian University professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) translated Statement 2A as:


Assistant Manager (助理管理師) Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) submitted Statement 5 to the Tainan District Court in a letter dated 9 Dec 2020 with Chang Jung Christian University ( --> 長大) file number長大翻譯字第1090016958號」:

On 22 June 2021 at 5:40 PM, Sally Wu (吳宜錚) wrote:

It (Statement 5) means

(You, Yi-De Lin MUST) Give me NT250 to buy 1,000 pieces of paper with QR code and client's photos.

She capitalized the "G" of "Give" in her email, but in the original December 2020 court submission, she implied that I am specifically demanding money from the owner the 13 Sesame Street cram schools.  That's what the prosecutors are using to convict me of extortion and blackmail!  Otherwise, the prosecutors have no evidence because no extortion occurred! 

(Remember, I NEED advertisement.  Why would I risk going to jail to stop someone from advertising?  That makes no sense!)

Find the email in the 25 June 2021 submission to Tainan District Prosecutors, a PDF copy is linked.  The email is on page 20:


The second paid translation provided by Chang Jung Christian University

We want to make sure that Sally understands her mistake. 

On 21 June 2021, I contacted Department Of Translation Studies (翻譯學系) Assistant Manager Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) and began a second paid contract with Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學).

Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠) chose the translator.

On 21 June 2021 at 3:55, Chang Jung Christian University professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) contacted me:

Dear Rene

I am Sally Wu, a translator introduced by CJCU. I can work on your case and the fee is NT$1500. Let me know whether you will accept the fee. Tks a lot.

I wanted to make sure that Sally (吳宜錚) translates Statement 2A accurately.  That means, I had to teach her what I wanted her to say.  In other words, I literally taught her how to translate my statement.  That's really not a compliment to the Chang Jung Department Of Translation Studies.

On 22 June 2021 at 2:49 PM, I wrote to Sally:

Hi Sally,

I'd like to keep our work as simple as possible, if that's ok?

I want to confirm our agreement before I send the document:

1500NT$ buys me one Chinese translation of a document with up to 1500 English words, correct?

I want to make sure that you're not going to argue with me when I happily provide 1500NT$ to translate less than 1500 English words into Chinese.

I wasn't sure if Sally understood the entire contents, but she confirmed understanding the general meaning of the English phrase "buys me".  She replied on 22 June 2021 at 3:39 PM:

Dear Rene,

Yes, that's correct, NT$1,500 for 1,500 English words.

In later emails we confirmed the "up to" part.  Namely: if I only send Sally a total of 30 words (in two short sentences), then I am still obligated to pay CJCU 1500NT$.  She agreed, and I did pay.

I emailed Sally (吳宜錚) the two statements on 22 June 2021, at 4:05 PM:

I need only two statements translated.

Please translate and return in this email.

This is all I need:

1. Money provides me the ability to buy fliers at a print shop.

2. nt$250 buys me 1000 pieces of paper with a QR code and pictures of your clients.

Remember, this is the same translator who submitted the Statement 5 to the Tainan District Court in a letter dated 9 Dec 2020:

Sally replied on 22 June 2021 at 4:29 PM:

Dear Rene

Here you go. The word count for these two is 30.

Thank you.

1. Money provides me the ability to buy fliers at a print shop.


2. nt$250 buys me 1000 pieces of paper with a QR code and pictures of your clients.

NT$250可以讓我買1000張上方印有QR Code的紙和你客戶的照片

I wanted to confirm the meeting of the second statement.  I asked if her statement 2 meant the same as Statement 5.  On 22 June 2021 (most of this happened on 22 June) at 5:28 PM, I asked Sally (吳宜錚):


(5) 台幣250元跟我買1000張有QR code和你客戶的照片。

mean that I can go to the print shop (or go somewhere--the name of the place doesn't need to be mentioned), and buy as many fliers (advertisements, pieces of paper) as long as I have enough money?

That's when Sally (吳宜錚) answered "No" and told me what Statement 5 means (it's quoted above).

She added that her second statement means:

NT$250 allows me to buy 1,000 pieces of paper printed with QR code and photos of your clients.


Is this a mistake?

I couldn't believe that the same translator just translated the same English statement two different ways.  So I asked the Assistant Manager Kai-Hui Chen (陳凱惠).   Kai-Hui confirmed that the same translator translated Statement 2A in December 2020 and in June 2021, and that translator was Sally Wu.

On 22 June 2021 at 6:55 PM, Sally wrote:

My name is Sally Wu (吳宜錚). I am an Assistant Professor at 長榮大學翻譯學系。 Today's date is 22 June 2021 (Taiwan year 110). I confirm and validate the English statement





2b、「NT$250可以讓我列印1000張上方有QR Code你客戶照片的紙。」

The English statement does NOT mean:



The English statement also does not mean:




The Question of Intent

A reader left a comment on the Welcome page to CJCU,

Are you sure the translator you mentioned is qualified enough to be a court translator and also an expert?

There are two replies on 2 July 2021:

pretty sure:

Here's a short-hand, in case the link isn't clickable:

The document at the link provides extensive information about Sally.  Apparently she's been a court-appointed translator over 10 years, and she's led a number of class, or courses, about translation and ethics, to senior court officials!

The real question is of intent:

Did Sally Wu intend to submit a false translation to the court?

Obviously, a professor doesn't want to risk losing their job by committing intentional perjury.  But perjury which is "not" intentional IS intention IF the professor insists on keeping the knowingly false translation in court.

For that reason, I specifically informed the translator that her translations are inconsistent.  And I specifically asked the translator to help me cancel the error. 

I need the university to withdrawal all translations that it provided the court about me.  Not some translations but all translations because I can't be certain of the quality of the translations until I personally verify them.  It's important that I personally verify every translation from a university which previously submitted false translations.

Here's what Sally wrote on 24 June 2021 at 6:04 AM:

Dear Rene

Please understand that I did my best to translate according to the context and there is more than one translation submitted to the court (according to the court paper). I submitted my expert opinion towards emails you sent to some managers of the cram school and the court made decision about who to trust. I had and have no control over this part and I am sorry to know this ruling result. If you need me to refund your NT$1,500, just let me know. I have no other things to say and if you think I shall be fully responsible for your ruling, you can take me to the court. Follow the normal procedure to file your complaints as I told my university.

Sally is UNWILLING to admit to her mistake AND she's willing to allow the court to decide that I am guilty of criminal extortion (Blackmail) on the basis of her false verification of an original false translation from a fraudulent cram school.

THEREFORE, she declares WAR on ME, not vice versa.  Make sure you understand that, Alex.

This began with a translation from Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) senior managers.

Find information about Kidsland at

I sincerely believe that Kidsland senior managers Clare (江佩樺), Denise (徐乙彤), and Stacy (黃姿瑜) deliberately submitted an incorrect translation of Statement 2A to the prosecutors to distract prosecutors from beginning proceedings of criminal fraud against the school.

A description of Criminal Fraud at Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) is generally described at

I'm continuing to develop that argument until they decide to partner with us, of course.  Since, in the end, we're all going to agree to working together to support the SAME SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT.  We only have one of those, after all.  And our personal beliefs about God really don't matter.  Thereafter, I'll go after the tenth psychiatrist.

I've add links to documents able to support the allegation, since the managers previously gave false statements in court to hide their criminal fraud on p8.

The managers claim my Statement 2A means:


Google translates Chinese statement (6) as:

6bNT$250 each piece, 1000 pieces in total, buy flyers from me.

Remember that the original statement is from a polite warning to the managers emailed on 16 Oct 2018:

The warning wasn't only to the managers, it was to the ENTIRE management. 

The email was addressed to Yide Lin, 林義德.  That guy owns 13 Sesame Street branches, as well as a large maternity hospital, and a few other businesses in Tainan City.  He's undoubtedly well-connected in a country that was a dictatorship until 1987.  林義德 is about 70 years ago.  He's old school, i.e., probably willing to provide "extras" to the most senior court officials, in ways that none of us would ever be able to track.  Remember, Taiwan island also contains a lot of organized crime.

So, really, the ONLY hope I have of not being convicted is to ADVERTISE.  I figure "publicity ensures consistency", and, as long as I'm always striving to be "not mutually exclusive", I've got to end up with a legal argument to rule the world, like, slap the elite council of super-gods-on-earth upside the head with a ruler.

And that means, Mr. Alex Lee (李泳龍), President (校長), Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學), Taiwan Province of CHINA (中國台灣省)

Please DO reference exactly WHY Taiwan DOES belong to CHINA at:



IF I am convicted OF a criminal offence IN Taiwan, I MUST leave Taiwan according to statements from a "Raymond", spoken to me on 5 Dec 2019 at the Kaohsiung City National Immigration Agency... Reference this PDF about that, with a link to a voice recording, pictures, etc:

AND if I LEAVE Taiwan, I'm going to China and convincing them to begin international ligigation against ongoing corruption in Taiwan, corruption which I can prove exists at the local level (because the contents of are still not being investigated DESPITE BEING MY LEGAL DEFENCE AGAINST THE ALLEGIONS OF LIBEL AGAINST ME)



like that 16 Oct 2018 email said:

While we argue about working together... more and more government people will take notice and help you to stop your nonsense.  At that point, you will be broken.


On 24 June 2021 at 6:04 AM, Sally wrote:

Dear Rene

Please understand that I did my best to translate according to the CONTEXT...



If we're arguing about working together, then we're not working together are we?

And IF you're not willing to testify in court of law that you represent THE SAME GOD that I represent, THE GOD THAT GOVERNS OUR COLLECTIVE MENTAL HEALTH, then I suggest you decide, rather expeditiously, to contact the Tainan District Court and remove all translations which CJCU submitted about me.  ALL OF THEM.  The court file number is at the top.

I'll ask about that in court on 13 July 2021. 

IF THE COURT DOES NOT CONFIRM THAT CJCU WITHDREW ALL TRANSLATIONS ABOUT ME, I'll appeal any conviction, of course, and begin Civil Proceedings against you, and CJCU, following this very public message directly AT

Criminal Perjury at CJCU (長榮大學) update 2 July 2021

TO: Alex Lee (李泳龍), President (校長)


Lastly, in the event you want to begin Republic Of CHINA Criminal Code Article 310 allegations of libel against me, Rene Helmerichs(中華民國:是瑞內) on grounds of the current content at , I've preserved a printable PDF copy (with the noted reply, and link to Sally Wu's profile) at:

Use that copy if you want to file with the prosecutors, since the link to alongside this document is also automatically MY defence. 

This is Alex Lee:

Live at:

See how easily misunderstandings can happen?

That whole time we were STILL talking about just WHAT a misunderstanding actually IS:

Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?


End of page.  Comment on the Main Page:

Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist of mental order.

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