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Oneness and sickness cannot coexist. (M-12.6.)

A Dynamic Story Heals

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This page is dedicated to Oneness. 

Ironing out kinks, that's all this is about.

Oneness, one, a, me, I.  You want coffee?  Make a fresh pot!  Why not offer us a cup?

Do you enjoy wine or beer?  Set out samples and offer them freely to passers-by.  Like attracts like, and you'll never know what more we might find unless we try.

The law doesn't say you can't offer your joys to others.  It only reminds of care, to be careful what you offer, by telling you how not to make a monster of a minor. 

If others don't want it, they don't need to take it.  If you force it, and save a life with your force, the insane will still complain.

But, really though, do you eat food?  Don't we all?  Imagine if your first concern was the body of your neighbour, and not your own.  You would only make meals to give away.  In that situation, if everyone did that, wouldn't everyone always be fed? 

Our work is a virus of goodness spreading across the whole of the globe.  When companies polluting our space eat only their own, they'll gag and choke and die off of start playing our tune.  There's no good reason in the whole of the damned world why WE need to continue to accept their insanity.

We're arguing against them to leave the rest of us in a healthy state of looking after each other, as though we're of a global body. 

Oneness, get it?

If we can't think of ourselves AS a world, how in the hell is the world supposed to function as one?

We all use the word "I". 

The word "not" in the phrase "I am not one" is the place of unlimited imagination. 

And yet, even imagining the concept of "not" is a common ability because "not" is the common tie establishing the collective use of "I", across the whole world, in every culture.

Long story short, you don't believe that you can heal our global body.  Heck, most of you don't even think of your own body as ours given your incessant reliance on pills to sleep or think correctly.

Inconsistency of personal considerations of a global body is the basic problem plaguing all humanity, and the cause of every known physical disease on earth.

We need to fix the way we perceive ourselves.

The rest is, well, all of the words in the world.

Are you ready yet to help us save the world?

It won't take more than sharing to begin. 

You are an equal extension of "I".  Together, we possess an unfathomable ability to heal.


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