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The Plan Of The Teachers (M-1.2.10)

Build Miracle University in a new and countryless city

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Ken Wapnick, working out the details

A plan begins with a goal, and for the goal to be true, it must apply to all.

The goal is to help our environment become sustainable.

There are many ways to accomplish the goal.  In fact, every person helps the goal in a unique way.  But the goal is NOT possible if the rules governing the environment become more chaotic, more disorganized, more inconsistent. 

And so the goal must always involve consistency of laws, the legal rules of ethical conduct in our common environment.

Ethical conduct comes from ethical thinking, and ethical thinking is directly a healthy state of mind.

A healthy state of mind is also at peace, so we can say "A sustainable environment on Earth includes worldwide peace." 

The goal isn't worldwide peace.  Peace is the natural outcome of working together to build a sustainable environment.  The goal is sustainability.


Inconsistent Legal Definitions

Honesty means consistency.  From A Course In Miracles:

Honesty does not apply only to what you say.  The term actually means consistency.  There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; no thought opposes any other thought; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another.  Such are the truly honest.  At no level are they in conflict with themselves.  Therefore it is impossible for them to be in conflict with anyone or anything. (M-4.II.1.)


A multi-billion dollar mistake

The Ontario government currently pledges hundreds of millions of dollars each to mental health.  Ontario is only one of ten provinces of Canada.  The money directly supports the insistence of psychiatrists that thinking comes from our brains.  Psychiatrists don't allow the belief that thinking comes from a non-physical source, otherwise a pill could never affect thinking.

The problem is quite large.  In fact, other countries like Taiwan are beginning to adopt the same ill-care practices.  So, rather than write a lot of words on an obscure website trying to talk sense to the insane, I'll put the argument onto paper and submit it into real-world lawsuits.

Today, 5 July 2021, for example, I politely told my lawyer that I'd rather not let him ruin another court case, but I'd love to question him about the last one he let go down under.  I submitted the request in writing, to have him dethroned as defender and subpoenaed as a witness.  It's dark humour.  Reference:

Specifically, there's a cram school in Taiwan that currently accuses me of ruining their reputation.

Honestly, how's it going to sound if a judge deems me guilty of intentionally ruining the reputation of a school after the school knowingly hired a me, knowing that I'm a severe Schizophrenic, desperately in need of medical attention (so everyone keeps telling me) and with a criminal record.

They were supposed to verify that I'm not convicted of sex crimes, which they never did.  On top of hiring a severely mentally ill teacher and allowing the teacher to supervise young kids alone in a hotel room on 14 Aug 2017, during an over-night school trip.

But let's suppose the judge does allow the cram school managers to continue lying.  How's that going to look on Taiwan's international reputation, hmm?

The goal is to correct the error so that it ceases to exist, without hurting anyone, without taking anything away from anyone, and certainly without making the problem worse.

I came up with a creative solution.

The solution is so creative, that you're probably not going to believe it's even possible.  I'll offer a link, to allow you to check the facts yourself:

Basically, I would need to be included in a federal election of Canada.  I could be listed as an independent, or a political party could sponsor me.  How I'm listed as a public choice, doesn't matter.

IF The Holy Spirit is real, then EVERYONE must be an embodiment of it.  As A Course In Miracles insists "you need do nothing", but would you WANT to do nothing if your earthly reputation is at stake, and you don't understand any of this?

And that's where we're at with this plan right now.

We're building a fully public city, to become a model city of sustainability on earth.  A model city of sustainability must be founded on one solid principle: absolutely no privacy laws can exist.  That doesn't mean there is no privacy.  It only means that its inhabitants understand the principle of consistency.  Its inhabitants respect that any problem can only truly be solved when it is openly considered.  To be openly considered, no privacy laws should exist.

It's a very simple idea.  It'll catch on.  And when it does, everyone will be talking about it.  And that's crazy.


Ancient History

Remember the goal: to build a university.

§       "The right-minded neither exalt nor depreciate the mind of the miracle worker or the miracle receiver." (T-2.V.3)

In September 2005, a student asked Rene, "Have you ever watched Life After Life?"

Rene was 28, and in the prime of his life.  Weeks earlier, he'd broken his foot in a motorcycle accident.  He was damn lucky that was all he broke. 

He had to demonstrate forgiveness, or risk further correction.  He faced a real-time choice of spending the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair.  His future was his choice.

He taught full-time at a vocational university in Taiwan, and had two side jobs teaching English in cram schools, one of which he owned.  To Rene, life was very much about the money, and he did very well.

He began the new semester on crutches. 

Rene had never heard of Dr. Raymond Moody J.R. or the 59-minute six-person documentary video.

He'd also never really thought about what "near death" meant. 

Up until that point in his life, had anyone asked Rene what a "near death" experience was, he would've given a cheeky reply: "If your heart stops two minutes in the Emergency Room, and you live to tell about it, you had a near death experience." 

"Life After Life", runtime 58:44:

As it turned out, in the 59-minute documentary "Life After Life", six real people claimed to come back from the dead.  They all died differently: one from a self-inflicted gun shot to the chest, one from lightening, one from a hit-and-run, and three more.

The hit-and-run victim claimed to wake up on an autopsy table after being dead-dead three days.  That made Rene curious. 

Rene realized it wasn't a "near death" but a "dead-dead" experience. 

At first, Rene thought the hit-and-run victim was lying in a publicity stunt to justify asylum in the U.S.  After all, he was Russian, a professor, wanting to expatriate, and claimed the KGB prevented his defection.

Listening to the man tell his story, Rene began to wonder whether the professor wasn't sincere.  He seemed to be describing an otherwise unexplainable experience.

When Rene looked into "Doctor" Moody, he realized the Doc wasn't like any of the hundreds of people posing as doctors, sticking a Ph.D. behind their name.  The guy was an actual medical doctor, in addition to having a bona fide doctorate in Philosophy and having being a professor at an accredited real university in the U.S.A.

Despite the childish quality of the special effects in the video, Rene was intrigued.  Moody shared how he came upon the desire to embark on such a drastic change in jobs: at a lecture one day, a student asked Dr. Moody what the ancient philosophers thought about death, dying, and specifically coming back from the dead. 

Like Rene, Moody hadn't thought much of anything about life continuing after dying since dead is arguably dead.  Dead includes the idea of there being nothing more to discuss.  End of discussion.

But Moody's philosophical student insisted, and shared his own personal experience. 

The story the student shared reminded Moody of something Moody had heard long ago, when Moody was an undergraduate himself.  At the time, his teacher had described an almost identical and equally perplexing personal story of coming back from the dead.

After ruling out the possibility that his current student and past professor were sharing the same story about the same person, and discovering other reports of similar experiences, Moody made the incredible choice to exchange a perfectly good teaching career, to return to school to become a medical doctor.  That way, he'd be able to study first-hand reports of dead-dead-and-back experiences during his hospital-doctor internship.

From some choices, there's no coming back.  We can't unknow what we've truly learned.

Moody went back to get the M.D. after getting a Ph.D. and after already being a university professor.  He'd gone specifically to write his best-seller "Life After Life".

A line in the movie stuck out at Rene: "What have you done to honor ME, in your life?"

Rene figured the guy in the movie didn't know much of what he was talking about.  How could he?  It wasn't like regular streams of education talked about it, much less encouraged its study.

But the fact remained people in the movie were clearly trying to relate an extraordinary personal experience. 

Rene tracked down a few of the individuals in the movie to see effect of what they claimed to experience.  Hearing the same people continue to share the same story twenty and thirty years later didn't add credibility to their claim, but seeing their insistence despite accusations of fraud, or delusion, and not having reaped great success in sticking their necks out to a world not willing to believe a word of what they were saying, that added credibility.

The documentary opened Rene up enough to remember a book by Jon Peniel, which he'd bought years earlier but somehow never got around to reading.  The book was called "Children Of The Law Of One and The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis".

Takeaways from Jon's book:

  • Mind is the builder
  • Perseverance furthers
  • and that pyramids originally served a functional purpose as power plants, a kind of energy transformer.  They weren't just burial tombs.

Jon helped Rene understand Jesus in a new light.  At least Rene didn't feel like wanting to tear the ears from his head whenever he heard the word "Jesus".

It wasn't that Rene dislike the idea of Jesus, it was just the whole part about Jesus having eternal life and somehow being said to have "died for our sins".  Rene figured, if there was any truth at all to the story, if anyone died, it was because of us and not for us.  Besides, "eternal life" excluded death, so how could Jesus have died?

Being in Taiwan and not having to hear the overplayed word on the Radio, TV, or in person, was probably Rene's greatest secret joy.  Everything was entirely in Chinese!

In a Christmas call to home to Canada, in 2005, he mentioned the book to his mother and asked, if she could find it, to please send it.  It surprised Rene when she said she'd found it with ease.  It arrived just before Chinese New Year's Day, 29 Jan 2006.

After Jon, Rene had his own unique experience at the start of March in 2006. 

Jon alluded to it but talking about it and experiencing it are two very different things.  Case in point "rape": if rapists were truly raped, would they get off on the idea of raping others?  Same can be said of raping one's reputation with accusations of Schizophrenia, after teaching the masses to fear Schizophrenics.

In really understanding this story, the entire project of building a global knowledge-sharing hub and a school to graduate official teachers of the book A Course In Miracles, we need to describe a key moment in Rene's life.

It happened right after he finished Jon's book.  Literally right after, like, he read the last word on the last page and realized the best book he'd ever read in his life just ended.  He loved Jon's book that much.

Rene sat on the corner of his bed, in the second-floor bedroom of a four-story house he rented in Gangshan at the time.  A curtain covered the large window facing a quite street.  It was evening.

He was empty.  It was as though something had finally dissolved inside him, like a giant sugar cube he hadn't known he was hording and, even less, using to ferment his being.

"What am I going to do now?" he thought, "the best book just ended."

He exhaled a deep, soulful release as he put the book into his lap. 

Across from the window was the bedroom door.  Beyond the door was the second-floor landing.  The bathroom where he'd lain in August was to the right, between the bedroom and descending stairs.  Past the ascending stairs, at the end of the hall, was the shut door of a smaller room furnished with specialty lights two university students helped install.  He had secrets.  A classroom was on the floor above.

He looked at the hall.  "Was the bedroom door ajar?

The room was suddenly dark, pitch black.  The void could be infinitely huge absent concept of space but mind preserved memory of being in a cube.  The room was a cube.

Rene looked out in the direction of the door.

There was nothing.  No light, no sound, no odor, no space or spatial references, nothing but endlessness nothingness. 

The room was suddenly gone. 

Left and right and everywhere Rene could see and perceive only nothing.  And it appeared completely normal. 

There was no panic. 

In fact, there was no thought at all.  There wasn't even memory of being a thought. 

"No thought" means "no active recollection" and "recalling only nothing".

But a strange light off in the distance interrupted the black void. 

Rene assumed it was the light in the hall, since it appeared like something shinning into a dark room through a door left ajar.

It never occurred to Rene why the power in the bedroom would suddenly be off but the power to the hall lights left on.  Rene wasn't thinking, and that was exactly a good thing right then.

If we ask Rene whether he knew himself with arms and legs, or whatever else there was, he'll tell you that he could have imagined himself as a person and filled the blackness with a bed, a room and whatnot, but in that instant the fact was that he was only aware of a light in the distance.  Nothing more, nothing else, and not nothing less.

The light was just there, like a beacon in the middle of an ocean of nothing.  Had there been anything else, Rene surely would have missed the shimmering fleck.

It happened smoothly, without interruption.  One moment it appeared so distant it hardly registered.  In the next, with its attention or his focus, distance collapsed.  Distance ceased to exist as though space itself was a bending bridge ever-connecting concept and cause. 

A Course In Miracles might say "It is impossible to accept ... unless, just for an instant, you are willing to see no past or future.  You cannot prepare for it without placing it in the future." (T-18.VII.4.)

Remember, the goal is clearly not to place a real-time event into the future, since it exists forever in the real-time now and the idea of placing it anywhere but right now is directly to promote misperception, misdirection, and confusion.

The fleck became "clearer", more distinct from one instant to the next.

It appeared like a column.  A column of light was, after all, equally as infinite, as pronounced, as a rift of blackness except the fact it represented "something" AND "not nothing". 

It could have been the eye of a yin and yang, or a vertical "evil eye" which has a history equal to a column of light given one's eye is also considered the window to one's soul.

But Rene wasn't thinking about any of that.  "No thought" also meant "no thinking".

Gradually, but like individual frames in a sequence, Rene noticed a feeling. 

A Course In Miracles reassures "Its effects assure him it is there." (T-9.V.7.)

Rene looked on at the only thing in his field of vision, all that was there, and felt something new, something he couldn't quite place, something definitely not unwelcome.  It felt like something missing from his life, without him ever having really known exactly what he'd been missing.

The feeling permeated the hollowness like the light itself. 

It was subtle at first, far too subtle to notice.  Maybe that's why he missed it? 

But now it was loud now, like a muffler had vanished along with everything else in the void.

Not thinking the feeling apart from what was clearly there, he attributed the feeling to light, or of same.  At any rate, outside and at him and not of him.

A Course In Miracles describes the idea in two sentences, the first about sight without perception of time, and the second reminding that "end of time" doesn't mean "end of life": 

Everyone seen without the past thus brings you nearer to the end of time by bringing healed and healing sight into the darkness, and enabling the world to see. (T-13.VIII.5.)

It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity, which means there is no time. (T-27.VIII.6)

In his lifetime, Rene really hadn't book any thought into it.  Put.  Had he, Rene might have asked "If all frequencies of visible light correspond to audible sound, why not also sensed smells, that sensed feelings have frequency?  Are doctors always saying that every experience is basically reduced to a pulse of electrons firing across mental neurons?"

The feeling was now his focus, less the light.  The feeling grew exponentially stronger, intense, brilliant, blindingly overpowering.

In trying to describe the feeling, the closest word Rene would come up with later, both to describe the event and to remember it plainly, was "Home."

The feeling coming from that light was exactly what Rene imagined perfect "Home" must be. 

The experience was welcoming, and desirable, and wholey consistent. 

The feeling was constant, but not changeless or stagnant.  It was constantly increasing, which meant it was even more constantly desirable and even more constantly welcoming.

The feeling grew and grew. 

It grew so strong that Rene could think only one thought: "If that's there, and I'm here, why am I here?"

It wasn't really a question.  Rene was simply admitting to himself how much he absolutely wanted exactly whatever it was the Rene was experiencing. 

Words simply can't describe an experience that makes the collective best, the most ecstatic or orgasmic or pristine or awesome elated experience ever had, appear like mud in comparison.

Rene was overcome.  His soul had asked a single question void of all concept of time.

From A Course In Miracles:

No one but knows whereof we speak.  Some try to put their suff'ring by, in games they play to take up time, to keep their sorrow secret still.  Others deny that they are sad, and do not see their laughter mad.  Still more maintain that what we speak is of illusion not to be, considered but a trifle dream.  Yet who in simple honesty, without self-defensiveness, depreciation, or self-deception, would deny the words we speak? (W-182.2.)

All doubt, all daily struggle shone away, replaced with the boundless knowledge, unfathomable ability, and unadulterated desire to heal every broken bone exactly as new, to mend all self's afflictions, to solve any-and-every problem effortlessly, instantly, always perfectly, and all ways without harm.  Such was the feeling emanating with, or from, the light.

Within the column of light, an infinite number of flecks danced, shimmering collectively.  All were one, working as one, shining as one, moving every which way, folding into space and out so that no two appeared out of step.  All combined into the overwhelming experience of...

"...seeing where you are but knowing you are elsewhere..." (T-14.II.2.)

Rene had asked a single question, without really knowing what he'd done.  He hadn't meant it as a question!  But an answer he got.

Whatever live-action movie Rene's mind conjured, its director cued the next scene.

The ego will make every effort to recover and mobilize its energies against your release.  It will tell you that you are insane, and argue that grandeur cannot be a real part of you because of the littleness in which it believes. (T-9.VIII.4.)

The answer arrived in pictures. 

The real answer, of course, was only the fact that Rene had made it ALL up, WAS making it all up.  That every thought toward others actually mattered, since every perceivable other was, in the eternally timeless reality beyond the veil of space-time, only an equally unrecognized aspect of one constant, sentient mind.  Like separate fingers extending the will of one being, one multi-dimensional hand, not to judge each other as separate beings.

Radiance is not associated with sorrow. ( You did this to yourself. (T-21.II.5.) are doing this unto yourself. (T-27.VIII.10.)

Whether the demented reply originated from the lit fount of health like a demon movie reel projected onto some imaginary screen, or a projection reflected in the black abyss of a loving eternal gap, didn't matter. 

The bridge from Rene's bed in his now lit bedroom to his newly realized goal seemed momentarily finite.  But an infinitely small distance of space still allowed an eternity of changing moments. 

The purpose now becomes to keep obscure the cause of the effect, and make effect appear to be a cause. (T-21.II.10.) For you would not react at all to figures in a dream you knew that you were dreaming. (T-27.VIII.10.)

The picturesque demon-movie-reel answer spewed endless images of hurt and pain Rene unwittingly inflicted on others, in his own absentmindedness, accompanied a feeling equal to the splendour of a homecoming except with a completely opposite polarity.  It was absolutely sickening, but so sickening that it was beyond sickening.

Rene dropped to his knees. 

A horrible experience of heartache, sadness, and sorrow accompanied the smallest of gestures, intentions, and actions toward others. 

The feeling was profound.

Rene relived thoughtless spite, greed, and wanton disregard of unity from the others' perspectives.  He came face to face with the cause of his own separation from what he wanted most of all: himself.

It was too much. 

The flood of tears lasted days.

And that was Rene's experience with "the column of light" in 2006.

It really wasn't anything to write home about.

But he experienced a spin on reality that forever left him unable to forget the whole world isn't real.  In the words of Gary Renard, Rene had "a light episode".  Rene would have many more thereafter, but none quite like that.

And it all began with that motorcycle accident in August 2005.

In late 2005, when he'd remembered Jon's book, Rene purchased a slew of books from Cayce's Association Of Research And Enlightenment.  He wanted to understand the new memory gained after the motorcycle accident in Aug 2005.

That night, after the accident in August 2005, as he lay on the bathroom floor with blood trickling down his foot into the floor drain, because the local clinic closed at 11:30 pm and the Doc sent Rene home without telling Rene that his foot was fractured, in two places (at least he fixed the haemorrhaging by releasing pressure with a couple incisions), Rene began drumming on the door and chanting to alleviate himself of the pain.

Rene knew only that he had to forgive unconditionally.  It was a test.  Rene couldn't explain how he knew.  And Rene was determined to pass.  Each time thoughts of anger and plans to sue began, Rene chanted louder.

Without falling asleep, and without loosing consciousness, he was pulled from his body and launched like a projectile thousands of years across time, into another body, and another experience.  He relived the start of all the anger he currently felt at the man.  He had held a grudge thousands of years without even understanding, or knowing, that such a thing was even possible.

In addition to the experience, Rene also retained vague awareness that he was actually on the floor of the bathroom wanting to understand why the anger kept coming up.  It was... certainly a lot to take in, but having experienced it and literally lived it, he already had.  The rest was just what to do with the memory of why Moses was such a hothead and really not a nice guy.

Younger Moses didn't want to lead the people.  He led them because his Master gave him the assignment.  He wanted to stay and guard the power plant, to continue the esteemed and reveared work of being caretaker of the station.

He hadn't understood the purpose of the power plant was to take care of the conveniences of the people, and that the esteemed work was really to take care of the people, not a structure about to sink into the sea. 

"But someone did have to stay with the structure... and why couldn't it be him?!"  That was the last thought he had as Rene stormed past a fellow monk at the door, toward the waiting people, livid that he was asked to leave.

And the thought echoed on as the scene gently faded and Rene, once again, found himself drumming on the bathroom door with blood trickling down the drain in the floor that night.

As thoughts of suing the driver who cut Rene off re-entered Rene's thinking, Rene screamed back "FORGIVE FORGIVE FORGIVE.  I FORGIVE HIM I FORGIVE HIM I FORGIVE HIM"

And so it was Rene passed a critical forgiveness lesson and is here today with both legs still in tact.  In another university, he lost them and is wheel-chair bound since another accident in 2006, which had been scheduled as a conditional future if he didn't achieve the conviction and demonstrate ability to simply always be willing to forgive.

This ENTIRE story is not possible without forgiveness.

Gary's Disappearance Of The Universe was among the books from the A.R.E.

Gary's takeaways:

  • Don't be so judgey.  I'm YOU, in another life.
  • My final forgiveness lesson was the common cold.  I had to understand the reason why people get sick before I was willing to forgive myself of being sick.
  • a guy teaching everyone the world isn't real, that everyone shares one eternal reality, though he could arrive through a virgin birth, wouldn't need to and it'd only make him appear special. (page 58?)
  • Check out A Course In Miracles.

Finally Rene came onto A Course In Miracles, and eventually the most important question:

Are you ready yet to help Us save the world?


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