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tpro0005. Criminal Code 169 False Accusations @KLSS Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) Tracking Page: tpro0005

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tpro0005 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方檢察署)

Criminal Code 169 False Accusations @KLSS

Begun 20 Aug 2021, PDF:

Procuratorate case number, 案號:

The Defendant (three senior managers of a large cram school) gave knowingly false testimony in two Civil Court trials concerning termination of a teaching contract with the intention to punish the teacher.  According to Articles 71 and 74 of the Labor Standards Act (勞動基準法), the Court cannot make the same ruling if the testimony were honest.  The grounds of termination were only self-defence against fraud, and the law prevents companies from firing individuals who are exposing corruption at the company.  This constitutes an offence of Criminal Code Article 169, false accusation because the Defendant stopped the teacher (me) from receiving: 1. unpaid salary and, 2. an assessment of mental health, on the basis of their false testimony.


Defendant (Three): 1General Manager 江佩樺(CHIANG Clare)、2Teaching Dept. Manager 徐乙彤(XU Denise)、3ESL Prog. Manager 黃姿瑜(HUANG Stacy),

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