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tlaw0005. Retrial of criminal accusations (KLSS is aggressor) @KLSS Tracking Page: tlaw0005

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tlaw0005 at Tainan (臺灣臺南地方法庭)

Retrial of criminal accusations (KLSS is aggressor) @KLSS

Begun 11 Aug 2021, PDF:

Court case number, 案號:

Criminal Court judges allowed the Defendant to falsely accuse me of defamation and extortion without allowing me to prove the allegations as false.  I have a right to prove the allegations are false, if not in Criminal Court, then in Civil Court.

Judges illegally required me to pay for translations (this gets me the money).


Defendant (Six): 1‧人上人文化事業股份有限公司(VIP Education Ltd.)、2‧芝蔴街開門股份有限公司(Sesame Street Ltd.)、3Owner 林義德(LIN Yide)、4General Manager 江佩樺(CHIANG Clare)、5Teaching Dept. Manager 徐乙彤(XU Denise)、6ESL Prog. Manager 黃姿瑜(HUANG Stacy),

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