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Page 17. "A higher court has the power to reverse a lower court's decisions" ~A Course In Miracles schleps Taiwan's Lawyers (TLAW)

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Pages 17 and 18 are dedicated to Civil litigation in Taiwan, related directly to the greater plan of Page 1.


There are basically two main ways to clobber someone upside the head with common sense.  The first is a criminal proceeding.  The second is a civil proceeding.  To be really thorough, I'm trying to use both.  Prosecutor investigations are listed in the TPRO section ( , or they will be listed on a currently not existing page, if I have to do it without help from the prosecutors.  But we might be in International Court by then, unless they come to their senses.


There are three general levels of courts in Taiwan:

1. The court of first instance, the local court, the district court, the low court.

2. The court of second instance, the High court, the district branch of Taiwan's High Court system

3. The court of third instance, the Supreme court.





Beyond that, there is the Constitutional Court, which has its office inside the main building of the Judicial Yuan.  The Judicial Yuan oversees the entire court system.  But the Constitutional Court isn't really a place to argue a Civil case.  It's more a place to send a letter of complaint when a serious violation of the Constitution occurs.  So anything of this story to Taiwan's Constitutional Court is listed on Page 22, YUAN Pages ( ).



Two addition courts have been involved, but are not currently involved.  These are the court currently involved in this story, on the next page, Page 18:


Taiwan Tainan District Court



Taiwan Qiatou District Court



Tainan District branch of Taiwan's High Court




Next Page 18, TLAW Suits:


"Are You ready yet to help us save the world?" ~A Course In Miracles


Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution

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