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Criminal Perjury Of CJCU Faculty Of Translation Professor Sally Wu

Status: Unresolved

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This page tracks a recent application sent to the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office on 25 June 2021:


Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學) Faculty Of Translation (翻譯系) professor Sally Wu (吳宜錚) submits false translations to court, then argues that false is true after proven not to be true.

Summary of crime:

The Chang Jung University Faculty Of Translation translated the exact same English statement two different ways.  One way alleges Extortion, one way doesn't.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the exact same person who translated the exact same statement two different ways on behalf of two separate contracts with her employer, Chang Jung Christian University.

First, the person submitted an incorrect translation to the court.  The court paid her.  That's referenced in the PDF file.

Then she submitted a different translation to me, which I told her that I would also submit to the court.  That's also referenced in the PDF file.

Then I paid her.

After I paid her, she realized that I would submit her inconsistent translations to the same court file.

Next she began insisting that I didn't provide her with context.

Really, how much context does the expression "X buys me Y" need?  It's not like it means "You have to pay me X in order to buy Y from me", which is exactly what she told the court. 

"X buys me Y" means the same as "X buys Y", which means "Pay the amount of X to get Y." 

If the accuracy of a translation always depends on a translator's subjective feelings, then Google Translate would never be accurate since it's an automatic translation service.

The professor claims that her submission to court 6 months earlier is correct, and that the translation which she provide me (and I paid her to provide an ACCURATE translation) on 22 June 2021 is no longer correct. 

She said it was correct, but when she found out that it's the same translation which she already translated, and which she wants to imply extortion, she changed her mind and claimed that I didn't provide context.

Well, context is ALSO provided in that PDF file.  First, find an actual receipt which SHOWS what I was talking about, and second, find the post referenced IN the email WITH the statement THAT I POSTED TO SAVE OTHERS GREIF and not promote it.

But more importantly, I would be either really stupid, or actually honest, if I were to advertise all of this on the internet knowing that I'm literally calling her and Her Spirit on to try to disprove the fact that she is intentionally allowing prosecutors to continue to use a knowingly false statement (it's knowingly false be cause told me it was false!).

Because I'm arguing the SAME context and the SAME thing the WHOLE time, I'm always going to be able to add more context as long as I'm still arguing about THE SAME context.

I'm truly at a loss of words to describe the insanity going on inside this woman's head.

This is Sally Wu's e-Portfolio:

She's supposed to be quite published, like, "an expert".  Let's NOT consider self-deception an expertise, shall we?

She submitted the correct translation to me, and then, realizing the translation was incorrect, the professor trying to justify her mistake instead of fixing it.  Read all about it:

And remember to read the FINE PRINT in the last 40-condensed pages.


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