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Question 2 to Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation, 問題二於台南市法律扶助基金會

Question 2, 20 June 2021: Can you please inform the Tainan District Criminal Court that I cannot continue to allow Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) to represent me in court if the lawyer is not able to ensure that I receive an assessment of my mental health?


_tlaf0002 | emailed 20 June 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

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1. Request grounds


VIP Education Group managers allege my statement "Kidsland Sesame Street hires teachers who suffer from mentally illness" is a false statement.


The managers went to the police, the police forwarded the complaint to the prosecutors, and the prosecutors began criminal proceedings.


In criminal court, I am presumed innocent.  Yet, in a phone call from 21 Jan 2018, the General Manager Clare Chiang (江佩樺) told my wife that one of the parents of one of the students in my class is a psychiatrist, and that psychiatrist thinks that I have a mental illness.  The conversation was in Mandarin.  Here's a recording of the call:


Therefore, I must have the opportunity to prove that I indeed suffer from a mental illness (according to all common definitions of the general idea).


It's my understanding that the court must help me to receive an honest, fair, and impartial assessment of my mental health (or "illness", as is the case), otherwise, of course, the general manager directly allowed criminal character defamation to continue about me (her clients share a common LINE group and collectively discuss and propagate defame about me) and the prosecutors are allowing the crime to continue.


I believe it's a crime (Taiwan Criminal Code Article 310) of general manager of a large cram school to publicly destroy my reputation with an allegation of mental illness if no mental illness exists.  And Taiwan prosecutors discriminate against me if they allow the character defamation to continue without allowing me the ability to prove the allegation is false.  This obligates the court to order an assessment of my mental health from a credible authority since a Schizophrenic individual is potentially of serious harm to others, and should be identified and treated right away in order to prevent harm to the general population.  The allegation is proved false if psychiatrists cannot lawfully assess me, since the presumption of innocence includes the presumption that a person does not have a mental illness until a recognized authority makes the diagnosis.  In this case, the general manager said that a recognized authority did make the diagnosis, so we just need to find out who that was, and what exactly the diagnosis was, and why.


Additionally, nine previous psychiatrists all declared me to be suffering from multiple mental disorders including, but not limited to: Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Delusional Disorder, severe Psychosis, extreme Bipolar Disorder (Mania and Depression), OCD, and OCPD:


On two occasions (separated by a period of three years, in 2012 and 2015), psychiatrists declared me mentally so exaggeratingly incompetent that I required forced medication (being strapped down and forcibly injected, and then not allowed to leave because they quite literally owned my body) in order to regain my senses before the court judge allowed a criminal case to continue.


The current criminal lawsuit allegations began in 2018.  That's again three years after the last time the disease came back. 

當前的刑事訴訟指控始於107年。 那是在上一次疾病復發的三年後。

Psychiatrists also wrote that, without continual medication, my condition would only deteriorate.  In fact, in Canada they considered me so severely mentally ill that they gave me a permanent disability pension and told me that I'm too ill to work, even if I take the medication.  That's why I fled to Taiwan and began asking people to help me fix Canada's craziness.


I happily tell you that I have been medication-free the whole time in Taiwan!  Well, almost, but no drugs from doctors.  Hurray! 


So, maybe, just maybe, the doctors were correct and my Schizophrenia has returned with all of the horrible and socially dangerous side effects!  We can't really be certain unless we have that court-ordered assessment of my mental health, right?


Let's get that done.  We care about the public safety, after all.


If Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆), whom I love very much, cannot ensures that I receive a copy of an honest assessment of mental health, from a reputable authority of mental health and illness, more than from testimony of a general manager who insists that I acted "strangely", without "understanding" and like a mentally ill person, then I cannot continue to allow Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) to represent me in court.  It's really that simple. 


Should you prefer to scan a QR Code to read this message online, and click the link directly, attached is a QR Code to this page, tlaf0002.


Sincerely, 真摯地,


Rene Helmerichs


20 June 2021


2. Attachments| 附件



Previous Question tlaf0001, Question 1, 問題一


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