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Question 2 to Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation, 問題二於台南市法律扶助基金會

Question 2, 20 June 2021: Can you please inform the Tainan District Criminal Court that I cannot continue to allow Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) to represent me in court if the lawyer is not able to ensure that I receive an assessment of my mental health?


_tlaf0002 | emailed 20 June 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

Two headings:

1. Request grounds

2. Attachments





For your convenience, this public document includes clickable links which you can reach from any phone using the attached QR Code, or directly at:



1. Request grounds


VIP Education Group managers allege my statement "Kidsland Sesame Street hires teachers who suffer from mentally illness" is a false statement.


The managers went to the police, the police forwarded the complaint to the prosecutors, and the prosecutors began criminal proceedings.


In criminal court, I am presumed innocent.  Yet, in a phone call from 21 Jan 2018, the General Manager Clare Chiang (江佩樺) told my wife that one of the parents of one of the students in my class is a psychiatrist, and that psychiatrist thinks that I have a mental illness.  The conversation was in Mandarin.  Here's a recording of the call:


Therefore, I must have the opportunity to prove that I indeed suffer from a mental illness (according to all common definitions of the general idea).


It's my understanding that the court must help me to receive an honest, fair, and impartial assessment of my mental health (or "illness", as is the case), otherwise, of course, the general manager directly allowed criminal character defamation to continue about me (her clients share a common LINE group and collectively discuss and propagate defame about me) and the prosecutors are allowing the crime to continue.


I believe it's a crime (Taiwan Criminal Code Article 310) of general manager of a large cram school to publicly destroy my reputation with an allegation of mental illness if no mental illness exists.  And Taiwan prosecutors discriminate against me if they allow the character defamation to continue without allowing me the ability to prove the allegation is false.  This obligates the court to order an assessment of my mental health from a credible authority since a Schizophrenic individual is potentially of serious harm to others, and should be identified and treated right away in order to prevent harm to the general population.  The allegation is proved false if psychiatrists cannot lawfully assess me, since the presumption of innocence includes the presumption that a person does not have a mental illness until a recognized authority makes the diagnosis.  In this case, the general manager said that a recognized authority did make the diagnosis, so we just need to find out who that was, and what exactly the diagnosis was, and why.


Additionally, nine previous psychiatrists all declared me to be suffering from multiple mental disorders including, but not limited to: Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Delusional Disorder, severe Psychosis, extreme Bipolar Disorder (Mania and Depression), OCD, and OCPD:


On two occasions (separated by a period of three years, in 2012 and 2015), psychiatrists declared me mentally so exaggeratingly incompetent that I required forced medication (being strapped down and forcibly injected, and then not allowed to leave because they quite literally owned my body) in order to regain my senses before the court judge allowed a criminal case to continue.


The current criminal lawsuit allegations began in 2018.  That's again three years after the last time the disease came back. 

當前的刑事訴訟指控始於107年。 那是在上一次疾病復發的三年後。

Psychiatrists also wrote that, without continual medication, my condition would only deteriorate.  In fact, in Canada they considered me so severely mentally ill that they gave me a permanent disability pension and told me that I'm too ill to work, even if I take the medication.  That's why I fled to Taiwan and began asking people to help me fix Canada's craziness.


I happily tell you that I have been medication-free the whole time in Taiwan!  Well, almost, but no drugs from doctors.  Hurray! 


So, maybe, just maybe, the doctors were correct and my Schizophrenia has returned with all of the horrible and socially dangerous side effects!  We can't really be certain unless we have that court-ordered assessment of my mental health, right?


Let's get that done.  We care about the public safety, after all.


If Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆), whom I love very much, cannot ensures that I receive a copy of an honest assessment of mental health, from a reputable authority of mental health and illness, more than from testimony of a general manager who insists that I acted "strangely", without "understanding" and like a mentally ill person, then I cannot continue to allow Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) to represent me in court.  It's really that simple. 


Should you prefer to scan a QR Code to read this message online, and click the link directly, attached is a QR Code to this page, tlaf0002.


Sincerely, 真摯地,


Rene Helmerichs


20 June 2021


2. Attachments| 附件



Previous Question tlaf0001, Question 1, 問題一


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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Criminal perjury of three Kidsland managers on 26 Nov 2018

Criminal perjury of three Kidsland managers on 26 Nov 2018


_tpro0001 | updated 25 July 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

TPRO Pages:

Purpose (does what?)

Tracks complaint of Kidsland's Criminal perjury. 

The intentional deceit began on 20 Jan 2018.  I received notice of intention of the deceit from Kidsland on 28 Dec 2017.

Goal (goes where?)

Ensures I remember to follow this one up.  Either we're a team, or Taiwan is corrupt.



2021 July 23, update with evidence:




2021 June 25, initial perjury filing without evidence (just to get a case number):



First complaints

I began complaining about the requested deception when I became aware of it on 28 Dec 2017.

I've since submitted complaints to the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office, to Taiwan Legal Aid Foundation, to lawyers, to police stations, and to government offices via email submissions.  They've fallen on deaf ears.  Now I'm keeping track.

The 7 June 2021 is a reduction from a 21 May 2021 application to the Tainan District Criminal Court:


The judge's 28 May 2021 reply, and my 7 June 2021 response to his reply, is included in the following 20-page PDF:


The Tainan District Judge who allowed the perjury is Yuqi Luo (羅郁棣).  I wrote and filed a Civil lawsuit against the judge on 28 March 2019, but the court asked me to pay NT$17,000 (about $600 USD).  I figured I'd probably lose the suit because corruption has a habit of sticking together, but it was filed.  It's not very refined, but it stores information orderly.  Here's a PDF:



Judge Yuqi Luo (羅郁棣) is now also my witness in a related Civil lawsuit.  This lawsuit was filed 23 July 2021, and is refined.  As far as I know, it's actually perfect (the defendant has no defence):




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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist of mental order.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Question 1 to Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation, 問題一於台南市法律扶助基金會

Question 1, 18 June 2021: What do I need to submit to the Tainan District Criminal Court in order to receive an assessment of mental health before the judge punishes me for a crime I didn't commit?


_tlaf0001 | emailed 19 June 2021, by Rene Helmerichs

Dark Red text indicates content not included in the original email sent 18 June 2021.


Four headings:

1. Please help me communicate to LAF Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆)

2. My Schizophrenia: Delusional Disorder + Disorganized Thinking

3. Taiwan Psychiatrist Chun-Hong Lee (李俊宏) illegally denies court request

4. Attachments







For your convenience, this public document includes clickable links which you can reach from any phone using the attached QR Code, or directly at:


This message only appears long because a Chinese translation accompanies the English.  In actuality, it is much shorter.  I am writing this because I am in a severe state of mental distress!  In fact, because I am truly in a severe state of mental depression, or just Schizophrenic, I have started a new website to keep track of ongoing abuse and discrimination against me from government officials in Taiwan:


I need help to ensure that I receive an assessment of mental health before the Tainan District Criminal Court sentences me.



1. Please help me communicate to LAF Lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆)


Either I don't understand how my lawyer is helping, or my lawyer isn't helping.


My lawyer is Scott Lin, 林泓帆.  I love my lawyer, but I'm not sure if he is honestly explaining the situation to the Tainan District Criminal Court.  I don't think he's submitted anything to the court which explains:


1) Three cram school managers lied to the court about knowing I had a serious mental health and criminal history before the school hired me as a teacher.  The three managers claimed they didn't know. 


2) The managers told me to stay alone with kindergarten students overnight in a hotel on a school trip 14 Aug 2017.  This violates every statute protecting the care and safety of children.  The statutes prevented the school from lawfully hiring me as a teacher because I was diagnosed with severe mental illnesses including Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Delusional Disorder, Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder ("Love obsession").  The managers knew psychiatrists kept me imprisoned in a mental hospital almost three years.  My wife was at the meeting.  We told the managers together, and then they hired me.


3) The managers claim a lawful teaching contract existed when in fact they had no intention to follow the law from the start, and therefore no lawful teaching contract ever existed. 


4) The managers are now intentionally making false Chinese translations of a harmless English statement to accuse me of even more serious crimes, crimes which never occurred, but which everyone believes because no one believes that the translation is wrong!  (I really think we should just use news companies about that.  That helps me advertise this case, and it helps the justice system of Taiwan ensure honesty!)


5) It wasn't my fault that the psychiatrist didn't complete the court-requested mental assessment on 31 May 2021.


6) We need an assessment of mental health before the judge sentences me for crimes which I didn't commit anyway!


7) We need a criminal investigation of the false statements which three cram school managers spoke in Civil Court on 26 Nov 2018 (see attached!):


8) I gave a complete set of all evidence to establish every allegedly false statement as a true statement to the court on 29 April 2020.  So far, the court has entirely ignored the evidence.  No criminal investigation occurred about the truth of (the content of) any of the allegedly false statements.  Why is there no criminal investigation to establish that the three managers are lying to the court and prosecutors?  WHY WHY WHY?  Find the 29 April 2020 submission at:



2. My Schizophrenia: Delusional Disorder + Disorganized Thinking


This section could also be called "The God Proof" (proof of the existence of an eternal reality, and not "your idea of what the word 'God' means"--you didn't write this, the body called "Rene Helmerichs" did), or equally, "Explaining why everyone uses the same word 'I' ".  I'll begin with your perception of me, and end with everyone's basic purpose on Earth.


I have a persistent mental illness called "Schizophrenia".  I can provide a plethora of documentation to verify this.  The illness causes me to experience (or just "perceive") a much greater intensity of fear than normal people.  But doctors also determined that I have "Delusional Disorder", so I'm unsure whether it is a real experience of fear, or just a false perception of an experience.  The outcome is the same.


As a result of the heightened fear, I react.  My problem is that my reactions are not considered normal, and not at all understood.  I am currently being accused of several criminal offences.


My lawyer said the court isn't willing to let me have a mental assessment because the court thinks that I didn't cooperate during the assessment on 31 May 2021.  And this is the problem!  I did cooperate!  The psychiatrist lied!  The psychiatrist said that he couldn't lawfully conduct the mental assessment because I insisted that everyone shares the same eternal God! 


The psychiatrist didn't want to conduct the assessment!  That has nothing to do with me.  The psychiatrist had a legal obligation to conduct the assessment, and he didn't do it.  I was there, and I wanted the assessment.  Why should I have to give up my faith in order to allow the psychiatrist to conduct a mental assessment?  I can imagine how strange this must sound, but it really happened!


Besides, even if it didn't happen exactly like that, then I am delusional, and so the question is still the same: "If the court requests a mental assessment of a delusional person, and the delusional person attends the assessment, is the psychiatrist allowed to decline the court-requested assessment if the delusional person wants to conduct the mental assessment?"


An eternal God and a psychiatric examination are very intimately related.  In order to be certain that I am not suffering from delusions, I have to maintain a very rigid belief structure, and I have to continually monitor and verify that belief structure.  At the core of my belief structure I must decided where my thinking originates.


I started to solve my delusion like this:

If I am thinking, then I must need to think consistently.  But consistency applies to all of my thinking, which includes the idea of consistency.  So I must be thinking all of the time, without interruption, day and night.  Since I am not aware of all of my thinking, therefore, I must be delusional.  However, even though I am delusional, I can still recognize that a constant reality exists because the world is constantly changing.  I recognize that a singular eternal reality must exist to sustain the ever-changing universe.  Therefore, an eternal Heaven exists, wherein everyone thinks alike.  And Heaven is not Heaven unless I can also be aware of Heaven in heaven.  That means my thinking is eternal, and that I'm not aware of myself.



In other words:

"I think, therefore, I am." (a famous statement by Rene Descartes).  It means: I always exist.  I originated before time began, I continue to exist independent of time, and I will continue to exist long after concept of time has ended. 



I verify thinking as ever-lasting because I recognize the ability to think accompanies the ability of memory.  Memory means thinking bridges time, which means thinking cannot originate from, or anywhere in, a universe of time and space.  The part of me that thinks, whatever I want to call it, must exist independent and beyond concept of time. 


In the concept of self which I present to you, I am the only entity known to myself.  It follows that you are the only entity truly known to you.  "God" doesn't exist as anything separate from either of us.  So, for the sake of argument, we can call the eternally shared common part of everyone's thinking "God".


We can't really know each other, unless we share exactly the same mind.  But, neither of us recognizes that we co-exist in the same mind, meaning that we're both questioning our own reality, we're just going about it in millions of different ways, each in our own way, for all eternity, until the separated pieces of our shared eternal mind "wake up" to understanding that there was never really any separation.  And that's what I'm experiencing right now, which psychiatrists call "disorganized thinking" (because they can't understand it: their concept of "mind" doesn't including a singular eternally shared mind).


I understand thinking cannot originate in my body because God exists.  Specifically, if God exists, then I must continue to be self-aware after my body dies.  If I am self-aware after my body dies, then all of my thinking must originate in something people call "Spirit".  Spirit attaches to the body at birth and builds the body according to its desires.  Because I am Spirit, thinking cannot originate from anywhere in my body, including my brain.  An analogy can help explain this:


Thinking, which originates in a non-physical reality we can call "Spirit", can use our brain like a computer program uses a computer's CPU.  The Computer CPU is basically the computer's brain.  Anyway, the computer program continues to live on and function after the whole computer dies because the maker of the computer program lives on.  The computer doesn't write its own program.  The computer can make changes to its programming according to programs which the computer programmer wrote, maintains, and allows.  When the computer dies, the programmer simply continues with a new computer.


In the same way, my brain and my body function exactly like a computer.


I am like the computer program in that metaphor.  My Spirit is like the computer programmer.  I am not God, but god made my Spirit, and my spirit sustains my body.  When my body dies, my spirit attaches to a new baby body (or a grown person who can talk to spirits), and my thinking continues. 


I just keep transferring my thinking from body to body to body until, finally, all the bodies on earth are all operating according to the same basic programming, and collectively, our collective mind, decides "Well, the universe was fun to build, but it's done now because we're all thinking the same, and so we can return to the awareness of being in the limitless eternal reality of only Heaven.  The chaos of different programming on Earth was Hell, but Hell is now ended."


And that's exactly how life works.  I'm sorry that I had to explain that to you, but you need to understand that the psychiatrist, all psychiatrists, are wrong when they insist that people need pills in order to think correctly.  Psychiatrists actually have no idea where thinking comes from.  They believe it comes from the brain because they can't see Spirit and don't want to talk about Spirits!  They just keep giving people different pills to try until the patients finally say "I think I feel better now." because the patient is tired of visiting the psychiatrist!!!  Eventually the patient accepts the psychiatrist's belief that pills help people think.  Psychiatrists make people forget about the common Spiritual connection!  But, Mental Health comes from healthy spiritual thinking, from helping each other to not be confused about working together to build a sustainable environment on planet Earth!



3. Taiwan Psychiatrist Chun-Hong Lee (李俊宏) unlawfully denies court request


Here is a transcript of the exact spoken words from the psychiatrist on 31 May 2021 (I have the audio recording as well):


On 31 May 2021, the psychiatrist literally required me to abandon my faith (and adopt his delusion that a body can think and that my thinking must stop when we die) before he was willing to complete the court-requested mental assessment.  And that is in addition to the fact that the psychiatrist also told me that a forensic psychologist (and not a psychiatrist) will conduct the actual mental assessment which the court requested.  The psychiatrist wasn't even required to conduct the assessment because, according to him, a special forensic psychologist would do it!


So, you see, I did cooperate on 31 May 2021.  I wanted to talk to the forensic psychologist, but the psychiatrist wouldn't allow the psychologist to conduct a mental assessment unless I abandon my faith.


I need the Legal Aid Foundation to explain this to my lawyer, so that my lawyer can explain this to the court, so that the judge of the court understands why the court-requested mental assessment wasn't completely on 31 May 2021.


And then, after the court judge understands what happened on 31 May 2021, that it wasn't my fault, then the court judge can: 1. help me to receive the mental assessment, and hopefully also 2. Request an investigation into the psychiatrist.


I also need to ask the Legal Aid Foundation to help me ensure that my lawyer is willing to defend my right to an assessment of mental health irrespective of his personal belief that I should remain quiet about this, and not bother the court with "thick essays" and such.  If the lawyer cannot ensure that a diagnosed Schizophrenic receives an honest assessment of mental health, is the lawyer honestly helping the victims of Schizophrenia in court? 



I am still awaiting the court to investigate evidence about three cram school managers who gave false testimony in the Civil Court lawsuit on 26 Nov 2018.  The managers are now making false accusations based on false Chinese translations of a single harmless English sentence.


As unbelievable as all of this sounds, what I really need most of all right now is simply a mental assessment before the judge sentences me.  I really hope to hear from you soon.  And to make sure that my request is not lost (this is the "fear" part of my mental illness), I'm attaching a picture of myself with the supervisor at the Tainan City LAF.  Please forward a copy of this email to him, so that he stays informed.  And, I honestly hope he appreciates the description of life on earth, to affirm our shared faith to him!



Rene Helmerichs


19 June 2021


4. Attachments:



Picture taken 10 Sept 2020, Legal Aid Foundation, Tainan City, Taiwan


20181016 pet pic4.jpg

The picture was taken 14 Aug 2017 during the Kidsland Sesame Street overnight school trip, somewhere in Taiwan.  The picture was included in a flier and printed on 15 Oct 2018.  The small English print (translation of the Chinese) reads:

這張照片拍攝於106814日,在台灣某處的Kidsland芝麻街過夜學校旅行期間。該圖片包含在傳單中並於1071015日印刷。英文小字(中文翻譯)如下:They spent a night alone in a hotel with a teacher...

...the school knew the teacher spent years in a mental hospital...

the school hides his past...


The Canada police suspected the teacher of making bombs

The Republic Of China Legal Aid Foundation says the teacher was in jail for 3 years for ...

"sexual embarrassment" charges...


This really happened at Sesame Street School in Taiwan.

Should we tell the parents just half the story?



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Journal Of A Schizophrenic, with a twist.

Civil Lawsuit against three Taiwan Criminal Court Judges

我今天起訴了台灣刑事法院的三位法官。 _zhou0001 | dated 28 July 2021, by Rene Helmerichs PDF: