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tlaw0001. Assistance to correct mistaken translation @CJCU

Upholding the Republic Of China Constitution

International Trade Laws require accurate interpretation. MiracleU starts on Page 1.  擁護中華民國憲法:國際貿易法需要準確解釋,MiracleU從第1頁開始。


tlaw0001. Assistance to correct mistaken translation @CJCU Tracking Page: tlaw0001

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tlaw0001 at Qiaotou (臺灣橋頭地方法院民事)

Assistance to correct mistaken translation @CJCU Chang Jung Christian University (長榮大學)

Begun 20 July 2021, PDF:

Court case number, 案號:

Application requiring Defendant to help repair damages after Defendant intentionally submitted false translations to Court (not a claim of personal damages, only funding to correct the mistake, retranslate, and pay my time to argue type this, etc, not a claim of mental/emotional damages YET).


Defendant (Fifteen): 1‧長榮大學(Chang Jung Christian University)、2Principal 李泳龍(LEE Alex)、3‧翻譯學系(Dept of Translation and Interpretation Studies)、4Dept Dean 藍月素(LAN Yu-Su)、5Prof 董大暉(DONG Da-Hui)、6Prof熊彬杉(HSIUNG Pin-Shan)、7Prof李盈瑩(LEE Ying-Ying)、8Prof 陳孟琳(CHEN Meng-Lin)、9Prof 劉康怡(LIU Kang-Yi)、10Prof 吳宜錚(WU Sally)、11Prof LEE Marsh Steven(馬強)、12Prof 高煥麗(KAO Huan-Li)、13Prof 陳亮秀(CHEN Liang-Hsiu)、14Prof 陳采體(CHEN Tsai-Ti)、15Prof 邱東龍(CHIU Andrew),

Relates to:

tpro0002, Crime Code 168 Perjury:

tpro0006, Crime Code 339 Fraud:


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